How to watch English Netflix outside the UK?

Are you looking for a way to stream the content on English Netflix outside England? Are you located somewhere else in Europe, or maybe in Australia, or in Mexico, and now you want to watch English Netflix abroad? How can it be done? You are in luck, as I am about to share with you how to access English Netflix and to tell you which VPN providers to use if you want to unblock English Netflix.

Maybe you are reading this article out of pure look and after searching Google, or maybe you have used several VPN providers already, but they are all blocked by Netflix. As a consequence, you get the proxy and unblocker error message instead of actually watching the content you are interested in on Netflix. So, what can you do about this? I will now share with you which VPN to use if you want to access and stream all the content on English Netflix outside the UK.

Is it possible to watch UK Netflix abroad? Is there a way to stream the content on English Netflix outside England?
You can find lots of interesting content on English Netflix… but how to access it abroad?

This is how to watch English Netflix abroad

In order to watch Netflix in England without and proxy and unblocker error as you try to access it abroad using a VPN, choose one of the following VPN providers.

  • ExpressVPN (visit their website by pressing the link).
    This is a VPN service with servers in more than 90 nations worldwide. If you sign up for 12 months, you will even get three months as a bonus for free. They do have a 30-day full refund policy making your purchase safe. Besides giving you access to UK Netflix, you can also use ExpressVPN to watch BBC in England abroad, to access American, Canadian, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Indian Netflix, and also to access lots of streaming sights and TV networks worldwide.
  • NordVPN (click the link to visit their website)
    NordVPN is a bit cheaper than NordVPN, especially if you purchase a subscription for one year or even longer period. They also run with a 30-day full refund policy, and they have servers in just as many nations as ExpressVPN, and they will totally get rid of the proxy and unblocker error message for you. They work with American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, Dutch Netflix, and some more regions, and also with quite a lot of streaming sites online.

Both ExpressVPN and NordPN can call themselves to be the best VPN services for Netflix on the market, but if you want to know even more about the services and why they are the best for Netflix, check this article.

Access English Netflix abroad in a few steps!

  • Sign up for one of the VPN providers above.
  • Download their VPN client to your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Connect to a server in England.
  • Restart your Netflix app or your browser.
  • Visit Netflix or open the app again).
  • You can now see the English Netflix library and stream the content available.

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best VPN providers for those who want to access other Netflix regions. While other VPN providers are blocked by Netflix, these will help you get access to several Netflix regions, including English Netflix regions. Having a VPN server in a certain nation doesn’t mean that it will work with Netflix. But, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are eager to unblock Netflix for their users, and that is why they work so well with British Netflix and several other regions.

Did you know that you can stream the brand new episodes of Suits immediately on Netflix in England?
Did you know that you can stream the brand new episodes of Suits immediately on Netflix in England?

What content to stream on UK Netflix?

Maybe you wonder why you should access English Netflix abroad? I guess you know why and that is why you have come to this article know after searching in Google, Bing, Ecosia or some other search engine for answers to question like “How can I watch English Netflix abroad?” and so on. But, what should you stream on Netflix in England?

The most common reason in the last years is Suits, the popular USA Network TV series. For a long time, it was aired by Dave TV in the UK, but since the start of Suits season 8, Netflix is the official broadcaster of the series in the UK. As a result, the new episodes of Suits air on Netflix in the UK at the same time as they are aired on USA Network in the USA. This was true about Suits season 8, and it is also true if you want to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix.

In addition to Suits, there are lots of amazing British content available on Netflix in England, and from time to time, you can also watch blockbuster movies and other great TV series available on Netflix in England several months before they are made available in other regions. Isn’t that kind of great?

Do you need help accessing English Netflix abroad?

Do you still need help or some instructions related to streaming English Netflix abroad after reading this article? Feel free to write a comment and I will do my best to help you out. If you have some spare minutes, please write a comment to tell me why you are dedicated to UK Netflix as well and why you want to access it abroad. Do you have a favorite TV series that you want to watch or a movie available on Netflix in England that you cannot find anywhere else? Share whatever is on your heart… I would love to hear from you!

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