How to watch FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019 online?

In the period from February 20th until March 3rd, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships will be arranged in Seefeld in Tirol in Austria. How can you stream the Nordic World Ski Championships online?

This winter is packed with amazing sports events, it almost feels like a year with Winter Olympics. But, the thing is that they are divided, meaning that first out is the Alpine Skiing World Championship in Sweden in the start of February, then comes the Nordic Skiing World Championships, and then in the end it will be time for the Biathlon World Championships. In other words, this will be some fantastic events for sports fanatics all across the globe.

How and where can you stream the Nordic Skiing World Championships online?

It is easy to stream this event online, because you might know that the Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden and Norway, are crazy about winter sports. As a result, the Norwegian State TV channel and the Swedish State TV channel will broadcast the event for free on their respective channels in both Sweden and Norway.

You can find their livestreams at: and

If you try to watch the mentioned channels outside Norway and Sweden, you will see error messages telling you something like this.

NRK in Norway is not available outside Norway
NRK in Norway is not available outside Norway

It is very easy to bypass such regulations, and the way to watch NRK outside Norway and SVT outside Sweden is by using the VPN services of IvacyVPN.

IvacyVPN is a superfast VPN provider that will give you a Norwegian IP address and a Swedish IP address within a few minutes from now. With that subscription you can freely download their VPN client and connect to server in nations worldwide, including Norway and Sweden. Once you are connected to a server in Norway/Sweden, you can watch the live streams from the Nordic Skiing World Championships 2019 online without hassle or trouble.

When you are ready, you can instead watch the live streams from all the competitions in the Nordic World Ski Championship online, including the ski-jumping competitions, the Nordic Skiing, and also Nordic Combined.

 Watch the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships online
Watch the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships online

Doesn’t that sound both great and cool? Visit the IvacyVPN website and get ready to stream the events live online right away.

What makes IvacyVPN good for this purpose?

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Ready for the Skiing World Championships 2019

We hope you are ready for the event right now! The event will be arranged in Seefeld for the second time, the last time it was there was in 1985. On the first day of the World Championships there will be qualification races on 5 km nordic skiing for women and 10 km nordic skiing for men!

Are you ready? If you have any comments or questions, write a comment and we will do our best to help you out!

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