How to watch Manifest online?

Manifest is the name of a NBC series that premiered on NBC in the autumn of 2018. I have just watched the first episodes, and now I long for more. But, how can I watch Manifest online?

Have you seen some episodes of Manifest already? Or did someone recommend it to you, and now you look for a way to watch all the Manifest episodes of season 1 online? Well, let me first tell you how to stream it, and then I will share some of my thoughts on the series!

How and where to watch Manifest online?
Where can I watch Manifest online?

This is how to stream Manifest online!

It is really easy to stream Manifest online. You can simply follow the updated instructions in my article on how to watch NBC from abroad, or do as follows:

  • Sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN.
    • Download the PureVPN application to your computer.
    • Install the application and start the program.
  • Connect to PureVPN server in the USA.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Visit the NBC website and stream Manifest online.

You can not stream Manifest on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or on other streaming portals, so NBC is the best option. You can also stream Manifest on Hulu, but that requires a complicated payment process which is hard to complete if you live outside the United States.

Now that you are ready to stream Manifest online, let me first share my thoughts about the NBC series.

If you want to see how this works in real life, check the video beneath in which I explain how you can watch The Titan Games on NBC from abroad. Everything is the same when it comes to the methods and the steps, except for the name of the NBC program you are going to watch.

You can follow the same steps to watch Manifest on NBC online

My thoughts about Manifest

I watched the first episode of Manifest after reading a two sentence introduction about the series. I wasn’t really sure what to expect based on the description, but I am 100% sure I did not get what I expect.

The Manifest plot

The plot is very simple. A plane is going through a storm while in the air, and when the flight lands, five years have passed by. The people on earth considered the plane to be gone and everyone on board dead, and that is what causes a stir as the plane suddenly shows up. But, what has really happened?

Now I have finished the second episode, and I still feel like I cannot really grasp the series. I still haven’t manage to categorize Manifest… Is this some sort of Ghost Whisperer, or maybe God Friended Me? Or is it more like Lost? Or is this really some sort of a thriller/horror story that is about to evolve?

In other words, I am kind of confused as to what kind of a TV series Manifest really is, but at the moment, that still feels attractive. Will it in a couple of more episodes from know? I don’t know…

One of my Manifest worries

One of my main worries is how they will explain what really happened. I am afraid that it will be some sort of depressing and terrible ending like with Lost. What if it all was a dream? Or what if they all actually died in that plain during the turbulence, and now they are just imagining events happening afterward? I fear such terrible endings, but I do not see any other logical way they might actually end the series, and that makes me look into the future with fear thinking about how this series will develop and progress.

Are you a fan of Manifest? Have you seen some episodes? How do you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts and both negative and positive critics of the NBC series.

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