How to watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia online?

The first match of the FIFA World Cup will be played between Russia and Saudi Arabia on June 14th at 17.00 (CET). Who will win the opening match? How to watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia online?

russia vs saudi arabia

The opening match of the FIFA World Cup in 2018 is a quite boring one, at least compared to the opening match in 2014. Back then, Brazil played against Croatia, both teams capable of winning a big tournament like this one. In 2018, few people expect Saudi Arabia or Russia to perform well, even though Russia is expected to pass on to the knockout stage. That is not because they have a fantastic team, but because they play in group A, a group without any big-shots. Uruguay is probably the best team in the group, but behind them, there will be a battle between Russia and Egypt for the second place, while most people expect Saudi Arabia to end up last in the group. But, much will depend on whether or not Salah will get ready for Egypt. Without him, I am afraid that Egypt will have big trouble beating Russia, but with Salah, anything can happen. It might not be because Salah is a wonderworker, but because he is capable of lifting up the entire team as he enters the ground.

How to watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online?

Would you like to watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online? The opening match will start at 17.00 on June 14th, The best way to watch it online is on ITV in England. They will broadcast 50% of the FIFA World Cup matches in the UK (the rest will be aired by BBC).

There are quite a lot of other TV channels broadcasting the World Cup as well, and you can read more about those and how to stream them online here.

Players to look out for in the Russia – Saudi Arabia match

Are you going to watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online, but have no clue about the players on the field? The biggest profile on the field is probably the Russia attacker Artem Dzyuba. But, if you haven’t heard about him, it is probably because all the players on the Russia team (with two exceptions) play in the Russian league. So, if you do not follow Russia football, you haven’t heard about any of the people in the team.

If you haven’t heard about any of the Russian players, then you will probably do even worse when it comes to the Saudi Arabian team. All the players in the squad play in the Saudi Arabian league, and they come from a total of 5 different clubs (with a majority coming from three clubs). Their top scorer is┬áMohammad Al-Sahlawi, a player who has scored 28 goals in 40 matches. But, can he keep up the tempo in the FIFA World Cup?

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