Watch ZDF from all across the world

Do you want to watch ZDF from abroad, but get an error message instead? Find out how to watch ZDF from outside Germany.

ZDF is for sure one of the coolest German TV channels with lots of cool programs, films and TV series available. That is why it is a pity that many of these programs are unavailable if you try to watch them from outside Germany. If you try to watch you will get an error message looking like this.

ZDF unavailable from outside Germany

To get rid of this error message you need to make ZDF believe you actually are in Germany, and the best way of doing so is by connecting yourself to a computer/server in Germany. That might be complicated for you to arranged by yourself, but there are lots of professional companies offering such services against a small fee, and those companies are so called VPN providers.

Watch ZDF using a VPN provider

If you subscribe, or sign up for such a service you will be able to connect to one or more servers in Germany, and once connected your connection will be encrypted and you will surf the Internet with a German IP address, which means that all Internet sites will believe you are watching them from inside Germany. Because of that all blocked content will be opened up and you will be able not only to watch ZDF from outside Germany, but also channels such as ProSieben, DasErste and RTL Now.

If you want to sign up for such a VPN service, our recommendations is that you sign up with either PureVPN or HideMyAss. Both services are easy to use, but if you are in a hurry, go for HideMyAss, because they will have you ready within 5 minutes. PureVPN spends some time checking your information, meaning that it often takes from 30-60 minutes from registration until you have all the information you need and you will find yourself ready to connect to one of their servers in Germany. What speaks in favor of PureVPN is however that their speeds are a bit faster!

Find out for yourself, but enjoy watching ZDF from all across the world with either PureVPN or HideMyAss. We have done it and it works perfectly, just check the screenshot!
ZDF available from outside germany

HideMyAss PureVPN

At the ZDF website you can stream amazing TV programs, get access to live streams, and also stream Champions League football, handball tournaments, FIFA World Cups and so much more.

If you have any trouble watching ZDF from abroad or want to ask a question, write it down, and we will do our best to help you out as soon as possible!

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