How to watch the World Cup in Rugby in the USA?

Rugby introductionThe World Cup in Rugby will start on September 18th in England. Do you want to watch it in the USA? How and where to watch the Rugby World Cup in USA.

We have already written several articles on the World Cup in Rugby which is about to start tomorrow on September the 18th with an opening match between England and Fiji. The question here is though how to watch the World Cup in Rugby in the USA, be it so online or on TV.

In the United States Universal Sport and NBC Sports will broadcast the Rugby World Cup matches on TV. These are unfortunately cable channels, meaning that you need an actual subscription to these channels to be able to watch them. You can get access to Universal Sport online using, but that is very expensive and do not always work perfect, so not the best solution. What we would recommend there if you want to watch the Rugby World Cup in the United States are the following:

Watch the Rugby World Cup in the USA

Watch the Rugby World Cup with a friend with a subscription to Universal Sport/NBC Sports

Everything gets funnier and nicer if you watch it with people you care for and love, so why not look through your friends list on Facebook to see if you have anyone interested in rugby with a cable subscription for Universal Sport/NBC Sports and if you have such a person in your list, pay them a visit, bring some popcorn and watch the matches together with them.

Watch the Rugby World Cup online

The easiest way to watch it in your own home is to watch it online. Since Universal Sport/NBC Sports is only available to those with a subscription you will need to use another method. This method is to watch it on the UK TV channel ITV, a brilliant TV channel that will broadcast all the matches from the Rugby World Cup online. For this to work you need to trick the ITV website a bit, afte

is only available to people in the United Kingdom. But, it is easy to fix this, and the best you can do is to visit the Unlocator website, sign up for their free seven day trial (no payment needed) and setup their service on your computer (it is really easy and they have thorough guides available). Once you have this setup you can visit and watch all the Rugby World Cup matches online on their website without any problem and you do not need to pay anything.Unlocator(start your free trial today)

If you after using Unlocator for seven days want to use it even more you will only have to pay 5 USD a month for this.

If you should need a UK IP address in the process (you might need to register yourself at the ITV website or enter a UK zip number) then you can use for example: BS1 4QF (Bristol)

Watch the Rugby World Cup in a pub

Go find a pub and there they will for sure show the World Cup matches played at one of the 12 different venues in England. The coolest will be to watch as USA is playing a match, and here are the times when USA will play during the group stage in the Rugby World Cup.

  • September 20th – Samoa vs USA (Pool B)
  • September 27th – Scotland vs USA (Pool B)
  • October 7th – South Africa vs USA (Pool B)
  • October 11th – USA vs Japan (Pool B)

These are the different ways to watch the Rugby World Cup in the United States. If you want to know more about the Rugby World Cup and get information about the different venues, see full schedule for the group stage and the knockout stage, take part in cool polls and get more information, visit

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