NordVPN review

We have taken a closer look at the world’s most advanced VPN service (according to the NordVPN website). Here is our NordVPN review based on our tests of their VPN services.

Now you might wonder what makes NordVPN different from most other VPN providers? We will try to tell you more about that in this NordVPN review and we will also share just basic thoughts about NordVPN based on our tests. Let us start at the very beginning!

An overall impression of NordVPN

Is NordVPN worth using? Here is our NordVPN review.

The first thing you meet is the NordVPN website. This is a nice looking website and they make you feel especially welcome as their website changes depending on the country you are in at the moment. This is a very nice function that no other VPN provider has, and even though it doesn’t say anything about the VPN services at all, it still says something about the VPN provider wanting to please its customers.

It is very easy to sign up with NordVPN. You can either sign up for one month, six months or for twelve months. Their prices are quite similar to most other VPN providers, so the prices should not at all intimidate you. As you pay for the services you can decide to pay with either Bitcoin, PayPal, CreditCard or some other method using PaymentWall.

The NordVPN client for Windows, Android and iOS

Before you get to actually test NordVPN you need to sign up and install their VPN client on your designated platform. The Windows client is very easy to use. It is small and it does not take up a lot of space as you use it. You will at once see all the nations in which a NordVPN server can be found, and thus you can connect to the nation in which you want an IP address.

Double VPN and Tor over VPN

Some of the special functions for NordVPN is their Double VPN connection opportunity. You can easily decide to connect to such a server in the NordVPN client.

In the Windows client you can also decide to use another special service provided by NordVPN and that is their Tor over VPN service. On a Tor network your information is sent through different nodes before it reaches the Internet. In that way it is very hard to trace the origin of a request. But, with NordVPN you can connect to a VPN server before connecting to a Tor entry node, and thus your information will be even safer than before.  This is a brilliant function for those who love surfing with the Tor browser, but still want to encrypt their online activity.

What is NordVPN Double VPN?
For those who want even more encryption and security this is a brilliant solution. Here you will first connect to one NordVPN server, and then automatically you will forwarded on to another VPN server. As a result you will experience double encryption before your data reaches the Internet.

NordVPN on iOS and Android

The VPN clients for iOS and Android looks even better than the Windows client. The Windows client looks quite easy, while the design of the Android and iOS clients look smoother. On these clients you can easily connect to any server in a country worldwide. You can also use the Smart Play function which serves as an encrypted proxy solution. This is supposed to give you access to for example BBC, Hulu and similar streaming services.

Just like in Windows you can also connect to the Double VPN servers or Tor over VPN, or maybe use one of the dedicated P2P servers if that is what you are looking for.

How are speeds with NordVPN?

We have used NordVPN for several purposes, and we must say that we have not had trouble with the speeds of the NordVPN servers. We also read all their new blogs posts regularly, and it is easy to see that they constantly upgrade their server park with new IP addresses and new servers. At the moment they have servers in about 20 nations, meaning that for most people that is more than enough.

NordVPN refund policy

NordVPN has a thirty day full refund policy. That means you are entitled to a full refund if you have paid for their services and do not like the product you get.

What more is there to say in our NordVPN review?

We believe that NordVPN is a perfect solution for those in need of a VPN service. Maybe you need it to get an IP address in another country, in order to stream content on TV channels. Or maybe you want a VPN subscription in order to encrypt your online activity so that you can be safe that no big brother spies on what you are doing? NordVPN is probably what you need.


If you want to give NordVPN a try you can click the button above to visit the NordVPN website.

If you have tried NordVPN and want to share your thoughts on their VPN services, use the comment field beneath to write your own short NordVPN review. Please be honest and keep your tone, as there is a general problem with bad VPN reviews in comments on the Internet. We would love to hear your thoughts, but write in a nice way!

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