What to do if you are not interested in the Winter Olympics?

In the last days we have not updated the IP Address Guide to frequently. The reason is the Winter Olympics. It is simply to interesting and there are so many fantastic things going on that we do not have time to update the IP Blog. But, what can you do if you are not interested in the Winter Olympics?

For those not interested in Winter Sports there are lots of interesting things that you can do instead of watching the Winter Olympics. Here are some suggestions!

Not interested in the Winter Olympics

What to do if you are not interested in the Winter Olympics?

  1. Visit CBS.com and check out all the cool TV-series there. Our favorites are Elementery and How I Met Your Mother.
  2. Get yourself a Netflix account and watch thousands of films and TV-series.
  3. Watch some Jamie Oliver programs and learn more about cooking healthy and food with lots of nutrition.
  4. Buy a book, fill your bathtub with water, bring some Pepsi Max and enjoy reading the book with some snacks and drink and hot water for several waters.
  5. Turn your TV into an aquarium (easier if you have one of those old fashioned TVs).
  6. Go visit a museum and see an exhibition that you have wanted to see for a long time.

How to get interested in the Winter Olympics?

If you are not interested in the Winter Olympics, then this is the way to get interested!

  • Get some insight in one or several sports and start watching and pay attention. It is like an infection and you get infected quickly if you let yourself get infected. You should probably not start with the 50km cross-country skiing, but some other sport might give you a small addiction quite easily!

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