Where can I watch Mancester City – Barcelona online?

On February 18th it is time for a fantastic football match on the British Island. Two amazing teams, Manchester City and Barcelona, will measure strength as the players run unto the home ground of Manchester City. If you want to watch the match between Manchester City and Barcelona you only have a very simple step to make.

Man Cty - Barcelona online

Tens of thousands of people want to watch the match between Manchester City and Barcelona online, especially since this is the best and most interesting game on February 18th this year. On the following day another great game will be played between Arsenal and Bayern Munich, but on February 18th Manchester City vs. Barcelona will be the number 1 game. To watch the game online you simply need to get yourself an IP address in the UK and then you are free to watch the match live on ITV.

Currently we recommend that you use IPVanish to get yourself a UK IP address and use the coupon code “Sochi” to get a 25% discount on either of their packages. IPVanishOnce you have a subscription with IPVanish connect to a server in the UK with the VPN client and afterwards visit the ITV website and check out their live stream. If they ask you to enter a UK Postal Code to watch the live stream, use one of the following postal codes: LS1 4HR, BN1 1NS, L3 4FN, M1 2TP

May the best team win and if you want to watch more sports online, why not prepare for how to watch the World Cup 2014 online, or maybe watch some Winter Olympics online! It is incredible how much stuff you can watch online with a simple VPN subscription, so go ahead and sign up for IPVanish and enjoy the vast amount of doors opening up to you as you can acquire IP addresses in more than 45 nations all around the globe.

3 thoughts on “Where can I watch Mancester City – Barcelona online?

  1. shoot says:

    Hi Thks for the tips. Will give it a try.

    This is very useful for a non techie like me. I came across your site when searching how to watch FiFA 2014 online. Now I can even catch the Champions League games.

    I understand the part getting a UK IP to watch the Man City v Barcelona game. But why is it that we cant catch the Arsenal v Bayern game with the same UK IP address but need a German IP. Given that the Arsenal game is as big as the Man City game, it is puzzling to me that no UK stations broadcasting the Arsenal game online. Or am I missing something. Just trying to learn.

    Once again thanks for sharing the great info.

    • Thomas Stein says:


      Thank you for the question! It is logical what you claim, the only problem is that ITV in the UK only has broadcasting rights for one match during the Champions League match days. That is why they always broadcast one match on Tuesdays in the UK. On the Wednesday there are only Pay-TV channels in the UK broadcasting from the Champions League, and without a subscription you are not able to watch. But, if you have a subscription to the Pay-TV channel (Sky Sports) and a UK IP address, then you can watch the Arsenal – Bayern Munich match as well.

      I am not sure if that was understandable, but still hope that this information was useful to you!

      • shoot says:

        Thks Thomas for your reply and It is clear now.

        Didnt know Wed is only for pay TVs. Commercialism has certainly makes things ” restrictive” even if one is a UK resident.

        Keep up the good work!!

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