Where can I watch Olympiakos – Manchester United and Schale 04 – Real Madrid online!

On February 25th it is time for the Champions League match between Olympiakos and Manchester United and then on February 26th it is time for Schalke 04 facing Real Madrid. Do you want to watch both matches online?

If you want to watch Olympics – Manchester United and Schalke 04 – Real Madrid online, then that can be arranged very easily. All you need is a subscription to a VPN provider, and in this case we recommend IPVanish. Visit their website clicking the button, or read our IPVanish review for more information.IPVanish

If you have an IPVanish subscription, you can easily watch both Olympiakos – Manchester United and Schalke – Real Madrid online for free. This is how.

Chamions League online

Watch Olympiakos – Manchester United live online

On February 25th, Tuesday evening, open the IPVanish client and connect to a server in the UK. Once you have this done visit ITV.com and watch their live stream from the match between Olympiakos and Manchester United.

Watch Schalke – Real Madrid live online

On February 26th, Wednesday, open the IPVanish client and connect to a server in Germany. Once you have done so visit ZDF.de and watch the live stream they have available. There you can watch the Champions League match and cheer for your favorite team.

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