Internet censorship in China taken further

Internet security in ChinaThe Great Firewall of China has for a long time controlled what sort of Internet content should be available to the people of China. Now China takes it further as they remove VPN applications from China’s App Store.

As Apple removed the VPN apps from Apple Store in China, they have helped the government of China limit the information available in the country. Earlier this year, the New York Times app was also removed from the Chinese App Store.

These are only a few of many steps taken by the Chinese government to control the Internet activity in the country. Earlier they have banned the usage of WhatsApp, an application using encrypted communication, and WeChat, another Chinese communication application, often seems to operate during busy hours.

The Chinese government wants to control the online activities of their people. What do you think about it?

Should a government be allowed to decide whether or not a person can watch pornography online? Should they be allowed to block video portals containing immoral content? Who decides what is immoral and what’s not?



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