IPVanish with Premier League discount

Watch Premier League with VPN discountThe Premier League 2014/2015 will start this upcoming weekend, and because of that IPVanish has just launched a new discount which can be enjoyed using the discount code PREMIER.

Using the discount you can get 15% discount on all IPVanish packages (they have a one month, a three month and a 12 month package available). But, what is the Premier League discount all about? Who will need it?

The discount is nice, because everyone can use the discount and enjoy it, even if you have no intention of using it to watch Premier League. But, if you have an intention of watching Premier League online you will find it useful, because with a VPN subscription you can watch Premier League matches on different TV channels in different nations. Unlike the World Cup however, only pay-TV channels sit with the rights to broadcast from the Premier League in 2014/2015, meaning that a VPN subscription is not enough if you want to watch the Premier League online, you will also need a subscription to a pay TV channel in a nation somewhere. We have already written a long article on that matter, so if you want to know more about watching the Premier League online, read the linked article!

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