How to get a Belarusian IP address?

Belarusian IP addressBelarus is one of the nations in the world which do not really enjoy a very good rumor. The government is strict, and some people claim it to be the only anarchy left in Europe. Skipping the political talk however this article will tell you how to get an IP address in Belarus, a Belarusian IP address.

In a nation like Belarus it can be very important to hide and protect your data online. When fearing that governments follow your every step and movements online, a VPN protection is something that can encrypt your activity and make it impossible to follow you online. Luckily the VPN provider HideMyAss just got their first server in Belarus, meaning that those in need of encrypting in Belarus just got a very good option. The same is true if you are located outside Belarus, but would like to stay virtually in Belarus, then with the new HideMyAss server in Belarus you can easily reside virtually in Belarus as you connect to their Belarusian server. For that to happen all your need is a cheap HideMyAss subscription and their VPN client which can be download to Android systems, iOS system and of course to Windows. HideMyAss

This is only one of many servers available to those with a HideMyAss subscription. For your information they are by far the biggest VPN provider on the market, proven by the fact that they now have servers and IP addresses available in more than 85 nations worlwide, for example in India.

Go ahead and try it yourself, and enjoy surfing the Internet with a Belarusian IP address.

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