Is Elizabeth Keen about to discover the true identity of her neighbor?

The most recent episode of The Blacklist is named The Hawaladar, and yesterday I got the chance to watch it on Netflix. I am very enthusiastic about this season of The Blacklist, and watching the brand new episodes is one of the highlights of the week. But, how did I feel about The Hawaladar? Was it a good episode? What were the highlights of the episode?

As the friend of Raymond Reddington was taken captive in the last episode of The Blacklist (Kozlov), Ray is getting desperate to find out where his friend might have been taken. He trusts his friend, but at the same time, he fears what Katarina might do in order to find out what is the reality and the information she is looking for. This leads them to the blacklister of the episode, The Hawaladar, a person who sends money between people, without actually moving money. It is quite an interesting concept, and I like the story of the episode itself.

Elizabeth Keen and her new neighbor!
Elizabeth Keen and her new neighbor!

As the bureau tries to lay their hands on The Hawaladar, Raymond Reddington clearly takes advantage of the situation by intercepting what’s going on and then coming to the blacklister first. This clearly annoys the task force, and especially the new girl, but Raymond makes up for it by giving them hands-on information about the reason why 3,5 million dollars were just sent to break a person free from the hospital. In the end, the task force saves a person and catches a bad-guy,, but still, not everyone was too happy about how Raymond took advantage of the situation.

The most interesting part of the episode

Clearly, the most interesting part of the episode is when another mum calls Elizabeth to tell about a picture Agnes colored portraying a dead person on the floor. She is shocked and tells Liz all about it. Elizabeth don’t really understand what is going on, so she talks to her neighbor about the situation (Katarina). She claims that nothing happened in the park, but as Elizabeth decides to look further into the case, she sees tracks of a broken mirror and blood at a mirror in the park. What will happen now? Is she about to get suspicious with her neighbor, or will she just believe that she had no clue about it all?

If she believes that her neighbor knows nothing about it, she is stupid! After all, if Agnes saw a dead person, she would for sure have told the neighbor, who again would have told her. So, I hope and guess Elizabeth will start looking into the situation. But, will the fact that Katarina listens to everything that happens in the flat ruin the chances of catching her once again?

Orion Relocation Services

The upcoming episode of The Blacklist is called Orion Relocation Services. Raymond is trying to find these in order to get to Katarina. Based on the short promo, Elizabeth is getting onto her neighbor, and together with Raymond, they do their best of stopping Katarina (however, Elizabeth for sure doesn’t understand yet that her neighbor is Katarina).

Katarina is, at the same time, working like crazy to get the information from Kozlov that she wants to get, and with the help of a person very good at extracting information from people, Kozlov doesn’t seem to enjoy himself very much.

What are your feelings about The Blacklist season 7 so far? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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