Watch the BBC 2019 mini-series War of the Worlds online!

The War of the Worlds is the name of a science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells at the end of the 19th century. It is really popular nowadays, and besides the Steven Spielberg movie featuring Tom Cruise from 2005, the book has also inspired the creation of a War of the Worlds series in 2019 made by Canal Plus in France, and now also a War of the Worlds series in three parts on BBC in the UK. But, where can you watch the BBC version of The War of The Worlds online? How can you watch it on BBC iPlayer?

I have got to say, I do hope the BBC version of The War of the Worlds will be better than the Steven Spielberg movie from 2005. That was a waste of time and completely boring. The premiere of the BBC series The War of the Worlds happened on November 17th in 2019 and you can watch the different episodes of the mini-series at the BBC website. But, if you try to watch it there, you will still see an error message looking like this.

Error as you try to stream The War of the Worlds on BBC iPlayer outside the UK
Error as you try to stream The War of the Worlds on BBC iPlayer outside the UK

How can you stream War of the Worlds on BBC iPlayer?

If you want to stream this mini-series on BBC iPlayer, you need to purchase a VPN subscription to PureVPN. This is a VPN provider that will give you an IP address in the UK that works with BBC iPlayer. They have a 31-day full refund policy, so say Hakuna Matata and be happy!

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

Click the button above to get a nice PureVPN discount and to get ready to stream The War of the Worlds online.

After you have signed up, download the PureVPN application to your computer.

The War of the Worlds on iOS and Android device
This also works on iOS and Android devices, but then you will manually need to download the BBC iPlayer application and the BBC Media Player applications to your device. You can find more information on how this can be done in the following article.

Run the application and find the streaming mode and click on BBC from the list of popular websites. You will then connect to a VPN server in the UK that works with BBC iPlayer.

Reload your browser window or open it in incognito mode/private window.

You are now ready to stream The War of the Worlds on BBC iPlayer.

If you do not have a BBC iPlayer registered user yet, create a brand new user. Set your location to the United Kingdom, and use the following ZIP code during the registration process: W11 3BY

If you buy a PureVPN subscription
You can also use your PureVPN subscription to stream ITV in the UK abroad. But, there is more to it. With PureVPN, you can unblock Amazon Prime in the United States, you can access the content on Netflix in almost 10 nations, and there are lots of other streaming services and TV sites that you can gain access to. And, you can use one subscription at multiple devices, making this a great investment for the entire family.

What do the critics say about The War of the Worlds?

The series is still brand new, but on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 64% critics score so far based on 14 reviews. It shouldn’t be considered a slaughter, but it isn’t a very good score either.

The War of the Worlds takes too much time to introduce its world that it never really pulls you into it. (Mikel Zorilla)

This might not have been the most positive comment, but it is way better than the comment of Pat Stacey from The Herald.

I’ve seen all three episodes and they’re a massive disappointment. (Pat Stacey, The Herald)

There are, however, more positive reviews as well, and here you can see a little quote from one of them.

This War of the Worlds is thoroughly and entirely respectful. It is also very respectable, which makes it a solid, reliable adaptation rather than an earth-shattering reimagining. (Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian)

But, at IMDb, I would say that it gets even worse. Based on more than 2000 scores, it has a 5,3/10 score. That is, in fact, quite terrible. Even the worst movies normally end up with a score around 6/10 or better, making this a tragedy score. It doesn’t have to make it a bad series, but it for sure hasn’t turned into a giant success either.

Are you ready to stream the BBC series The War of the Worlds online?

I hope these instructions have helped you on your quest for a place and know-how dealing with how to stream The War of the Worlds online. If you still have questions or comments, write them in the comment field and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible!

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