Is Hulu worth the money?

We just received an email telling us that Hulu had withdrawn our monthly fee for their services, which is fair and correct. But, the email also made us ask ourselves a question: Is Hulu worth the money?

Call this whatever you want, maybe you will call this a Hulu review, but for us this is more of a philosophical question, because there are some things that make us like and enjoy Hulu, while there are other things that make us consider cancelling our Hulu subscription. Here are the pros and cons and in the end you will find out whether we believe that Hulu is worth the money or not!

Is Hulu worth the money
Watching the Spectre trailer on Hulu, as film trailers also are available at the site!

Is Hulu worth the money?

We could of course ask ourselves a question as to whether or not Netflix is worth the money, but to that our answer would be a yes at once. So, what is the difference between Hulu and Netflix?

Hulu is first of all a platform used by people to watch their favorite TV series. As soon as they have been sent on air by the different networks they are made available on Hulu and you can watch the episodes there. But, depending on the different TV series you can either watch all episodes from all seasons (possible for Hulu series), but for most other TV series you can only watch the latest 5 episodes, and sometimes also episodes from earlier seasons. And on Hulu you can watch fantastic TV series such as The Player, The Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy, Elementary, other TV series from the best networks in USA and also special TV series produced by Hulu. Now, what we are to write now is very important if you wonder if Hulu is worth the money or not!

  • If you want to watch TV series created for Hulu alone, then you will for sure want to use money on Hulu.
  • If you want a Hulu subscription to watch Grey’s Anatomy, The Blacklist and other TV series then you should maybe reconsider, because as you might now these networks also add the newest episodes to their websites, and there you can watch them for free without a subscription.

The Blacklist is aired every Thursday on NBC in the USA. That means by Friday morning the new episodes have been made available both on Hulu and on NBC. Where to watch? Or NBC it is free, while on Hulu it costs you about 8 Dollars a month. But, the amount of commercials on Hulu is smaller than on NBC, so you will spend less time watching commercials on Hulu than on NBC. And if you upgrade to the commercial free version on Hulu costing about 13 Dollars a month, then that is for sure more convenient that watching it on the NBC website.

The question is therefore how much the commercials are worth to you. If you do not mind commercials, then you should watch it on NBC. If you want to watch the latest Blacklist episodes with less commercials or without any commercials at all, then Hulu is a better option.

And yes, this is not only true for NBC programs like The Blacklist, but in the same way you can watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal episodes on the ABC website.

Hulu from abroad

Is there a reason to use Hulu?

While the article so far has been more about how you can watch most TV series for free on the original websites of the networks instead of on Hulu, then there are still lots of stuff that we do like about Hulu. Here are some of the reasons why we do like Hulu!

  • Hulu is getting more into films day by day, meaning that you can now watch lots of old James Bond films on Hulu, and they also recently got hold of lots of films that was earlier on Netflix, but now they are on Hulu instead. So, the film register is getting bigger and bigger and better and better!
  • They have a system built for you to watch TV series, meaning that you have a queue system where you can have your own favorites included, get notifications about new episodes and easily keep order on your favorite shows.

So the conclusion is that we will not cancel our Hulu subscription yet, after all the website is good, there are less commercials and we get access to a good portion of films and like the system with favorites on the Hulu website.

What do you think? Do you like Hulu? Find out more about watching Hulu overseas in the linked article. You can also read our following article on the five best TV series on Hulu this autumn.

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