Euro 2016 groups to be drawn on December 12th

On December 12th coaches, players and fans will turn their eyes to Paris and to France. Unfortunately people have looked to Paris and France lately as well, but not because of football, but because of terror. But, on December 12th we will look in the direction of Paris to find out which teams will play against another in the European Championship in 2016.

The European Championship will be played between June 10th and July 10th in 2016 and we have already written a long and informative article on who will broadcast the event and how you can watch it online, including information about every single team participating in the tournament.

But, now with the play-offs finished all teams have been placed into a pot and meaning that some nations can already now know for sure that they will not play against some other nations. For example in Great Britain Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland can know for sure that they will not play one another, after all these teams are all located in the 4th pot of teams.

Euro 2016 pots

Here are the pots for the Euro 2016 draw

  • Seeded number 1: Germany, England, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France
  • Seeded number 2: Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine
  • Seeded number 3: Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary
  • Seeded number 4: Turkey, Ireland, Iceland, Wales, Albania, Northern Ireland

As we already mentioned the big fights of Great Britain will not turn into a reality, except that Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales all stand in danger of having to play against England.

It is also interesting to see that pot 3 is just a big pot of Eastern Europe (with the exception of Sweden), meaning that the traditional Eastern European battles can not be seen as the neighboring nations of Czech Republic and Slovakia will not meet, neither will Poland and Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia or Hungary and Romania. Maybe that is an advantage to keep peace among the supporters!

Based on what we can see we can here come up with suggestions for what we will call the nightmare group in the Euro 2016.

These could be cool groups:

  • Nightmare group: Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey
  • Dream group: Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Northern Ireland
  • The big fighter group: England, Ukraine, Hungary, Ireland

Time will show how this will end up, but we look very much forward to December 12th as the draws will be made ready at 18.00 in Paris!

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