Is new energy added during a STEPN activity?

You probably know that STEPN energy is added to your account four times a day, every sixth hour. If you start an activity 10 minutes before you receive new energy, what will happen as you exercise? Will the new energy be added while you do your activity, or will it only be added as you finish your activity? Or maybe it won’t be added at all?

I have tried this several times myself and it is really, really easy! If you exercise at the time of energy refill, it will be added to your account while you do your activity. As a result, you do not need to stop your activity. You can just keep on walking and/or running and the new energy will automatically be added and you can get paid for some more minutes based on the new energy added to your account.

That was painless, wasn’t it?

Do not forget that you have a GST Earning Cap with your account, so if you have already maximized your earnings for the day, it might not be wise to use more energy.

energy added during stepn activity

When is this information useful?

This information can be useful in many ways, especially if you want to use as much energy as possible, thus immediately spending new energy added during a STEPN activity you started earlier.

You can also play with this strategy when it comes to mystery boxes. The chance of receiving a mystery box is very much influenced by the amount of energy used and the luck attribute of your sneaker. The more energy and the higher the luck attribute, the higher the chance of receiving a (better) mystery box. Let us say that you have 12 Energy (max available with your sneaker). If you then start your activity just before new energy will be added, you can actually do an activity with 15 Energy, thus increasing your chances of getting a higher level mystery box, at least compared to doing a STEPN activity with 12 energy. In the same way, you can do it if you have 9 Energy or something similar to that.

You can play around with this also at the STEPN optimization guide and see how your luck attribute and energy level can influence your chances of getting different mystery boxes.

I hope the answers in this article have helped you. If you have further comments or questions, please use the comment field below.

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