We have just updated our StrongVPN review

It was originally back in 2013 that we created the IP Address Guide, and that is when we wrote our original StrongVPN review. Now it was time for a big update!

We have recently done quite big changes to the IP Address Guide. The changes have not been to the design, but to the structure of the entire site. We also have a goal to update our old articles to make sure articles about how to get an IP address in different nations, how to watch TV channels and streaming services and similar articles are up to date. Another goal is of course to update all our VPN reviews as well.

Updated StrongVPN review
We have updated our StrongVPN review!

Our updated StrongVPN review

Has nothing changed with StrongVPN?

When we recently looked through our original StrongVPN review and decided to update it there weren’t to many changes that had to be made. Despite the fact that three years have passed, few updates have been made to their server parks. As a consequence they have servers in almost the same amount of nations and locations as three years ago.

As we looked upon the StrongVPN Windows application it looked almost entirely the same as three years ago. It was boring back then, and it is still boring.

Something has changed with StrongVPN

In our original StrongVPN review we admitted that their service had good speeds and often they had the best speeds available. That is still true. But, we could not stand their terrible structure when it had to do with VPN packages and prices. There were so many packages to choose from, and they had a limited amount of server changes available. Back in 2013 that was out of date, and in 2016 it would be a disaster. Luckily StrongVPN ditched those packages and also the limited amount of server changes.

With the new and updated StrongVPN you have two packages to choose from:

  • A 1 year package costing 10 USD a month.
  • A 1 year package costing 70 USD a year.

With these subscriptions you can easily change between all servers as many times as you want to. You can also use their clients available for Mac, iOS and Android.


If you want to visit the StrongVPN website then you can simply click the button above. If you want to read our full StrongVPN review, then you can read the entire review right here.

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