Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian Grand Prix

If you are like us, then you probably watched the Hungarian Grand Prix online today. We sure did, and it was a joy to watch Lewis Hamilton become the first guy to win the Hungarian Grand Prix for the fifth time.

Hungarian Grand Prix
The Hungarian Grand Prix is over and Lewis Hamilton won

Before the race he had four wins at Hungaroring outside Budapest. The only other driver with four wins on this track is Michael Schumacher. But, after this race he is on the top of the podium all by himself, being the only driver with four wins in the Hungarian Grand Prix. Despite the fact that Nico Rosberg had the pole position, Lewis managed to win the race. He got in the lead quite quickly, and after that Nico Rosberg breathed him in the neck throughout the race, but he never managed to pass by him.

Lewis Hamilton back in the Formula 1 lead

Before the race Nico Rosberg had a one point lead to Lewis Hamilton, but now the positions changed and Lewis Hamilton has a six point lead to Nico Rosberg. It should also be mentioned that this was the fifth win in six races for Lewis Hamilton. Can he keep this going next weekend as all the drivers travel to Germany to compete in the German Grand Prix. If you want to watch the German Grand Prix online, click the link.

There was no German Grand Prix last year, so this will be almost brand new for the contestants. Who will win the German Grand Prix this year? Can Nico Rosberg hit back on Lewis Hamilton and take back the lead, or will Lewis Hamilton win his sixth race in seven races? Or maybe it is time for Sebastian Vettel to win his first race in the 2016 season?

Now we look forward to the German Grand Prix and the Summer Olympics

While most Formula 1 fans look forward to the next weekend, lots of general sports fans look 12 days forward in time. On that day it is time for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. We are also prepared and if you want to watch that event online, click here. There will be lots of great stuff happening in Rio during those 2 1/2 weeks. Some of the highlights are the tennis competition with Federer and Murray, or maybe the football competition were Neymar will fight and play for Brazil.

But, what about adding Formula One as one of the competitions during the Summer Olympics? That would be fantastic, but it is a bit unrealistic as nobody will create a Formula One track because of the Summer Olympics only. But, if the Summer Olympics were to be arranged in a city with a race track available, then why not?

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