Watch The Wave on Netflix

The Wave is a Norwegian disaster film from 2015 filmed in the beautiful area of Geiranger. Now you can watch The Wave on Netflix (Bølgen) and this is how it is done!

The Wave, known as Bølgen in Norwegian, was the most popular film in Norwegian cinemas in 2015. It tells the story about scientists working to protect the city of Geiranger by paying attention to movements in the rock layers. They know that any movement might cause a giant wave that will wipe out all of Geiranger. That is the main story line of the film and you can now watch The Wave on Netflix.

Watch The Wave on Netflix
Now you can watch Bølgen on Netflix

Watch The Wave on Netflix

The Wave can not be seen on Norwegian Netflix, even though it is a Norwegian film. You can, however, watch the film on American Netflix, the first Netflix region in which the film was made available. It might come to other regions later, but currently, it is only available on US Netflix. For those located outside the United States, we have instructions in our IP Address Guide telling you how to get access to US Netflix outside the US.

Other regions in which you can watch The Wave on Netflix:

  • US Netflix
  • Australian Netflix
  • Dutch Netflix
  • Swedish Netflix
  • Indian Netflix
  • Japanese Netflix

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The Wave is a scenic film showing pictures from some of the nicest areas in Norwegian nature, and it shows scenes from the most famous of all fjord in Norway – the Geiranger fjord. It can be seen on the film that it is not a extremely high budget Hollywood film, but it is still a great production and worth watching if you have the time.

Have you seen The Wave? How did you like the film? Would you recommend it to others?

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