Lilyhammer season 2 available online

Are you a fan of Norwegian culture and nature? Want to see an entertaining original Netflix series? Then Lilyhammer is the TV serie you need to watch. Season one has been available for a while, but season two just went online this week.

If you want to watch Lilyhammer season 1, and of course the new second season, then all you need is a Netflix account in the UK, in USA or in for example Norway, and you are ready to watch the entire season at once. Sounds great, does it not?

If you are live in a country where Netflix is unavailable (unfortunately there are a lot of countries like that), you can read more on the subject of watching Netflix from abroad, or watching Netflix in a country where it is unavailable in the linked articles.

Go ahead and enjoy Lilyhammer on Netflix from wherever you are in the world, and then take a break tomorrow evening and on Sunday to make sure to watch the bronze final and then the very big final of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.


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