How to listen to Pandora from abroad?

Pandora is an amazing online radio currently operating in New Zealand, Australia and in the United States. If you want to use a great Internet radio that only play the music you like, Pandora is the solution. But, if you want to use Pandora from abroad it might get hard.

As we tried to listen to Pandora from Europe we got to see a letter from the CEO of Pandora telling that they can not stream their music to other nations at the moment, only to Australia, New Zealand and to the United States.

Pandora restrictions
This is what the message from Pandora tells us!

Since we all want to listen to great music in the way only Pandora can serve it to us we need to get an IP address in either USA, Australia or in New Zealand to be able to bypass the regulations, and thus to be able to listen to Pandora from whatever location you are at in the world. Luckily that can be fixed and arranged easily.

Listen to Pandora onlineWriting this article I used a VPN provider named VyprVPN and using their services we easily got IP addresses in all three nations described, with one and the same subscription. If you did not know it, it is based on your IP address that the webpage get your location. To find out what your current IP address, visit this page. Again, to make the Pandora website believe that you are in Australia, New Zealand or in the United States you will need an IP address in one of those nations.

VyprVPN has several packages available, but the basic (cheapest) package is more than enough to get an IP address in any of the nations and to be able to use the Pandora Internet radio. To get going simply visit their website, sign up for a VPN service (basic package), downoad their client and connect to a server in any of the three nations and visit the Pandora website again (restart your browser first). It is worth connecting to a server in the nation nearest your actual location to get the best speeds.

Listen to Pandora Internet Radio – five steps

  • Visit the VyprVPN website and sign up for a basic package
  • Download their VPN client
  • Connect to a server in either Australia, New Zealand or in the USA
  • Restart your browser
  • Visit and listen to amazing Internet Radio.

It is as easy as it sounds. We have tried it ourselves, and it is truly working great, so I guess we have a new favorite radio station after writing this article! Guess we learned something useful ourselves as well writing this article!

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