How to make your Android phone a WiFi hotspot?

Android HotspotDo you have an Android phone with a solid datapackage? And now that you are out traveling you want to share your Internet connection and data with your friends and family around you?

Or do you have a Smart TV, a Wii, a Playstation or an Xbox that you want to connect to the Internet, but it is important that they use a VPN connection, and that is why you want to use your phone as a hotspot and let these devices connect to the Internet using the Internet connection and the VPN connection set up on your Android Phone to connect to the Internet? Using this strategy you can watch Netflix and other cool stuff on those devices, even when abroad.

So, how can I make my Android phone a WiFi hotspot?

Luckily this is extremely easy. Go to Settings and choose More (or Tethering and Portable Hotspot if you can see that at once). As you have entered Tethering and Portable Hotspot enable Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, but before doing so you may want to set it up, so enter Set up Wi-Fi Hotspot first. Give the network a name, give it a password and save your settings. As you now enable the Wi-Fi hotspot you will be able to find this network on Smart TVs, Wii, Xbox and Playstation. As you connect to the WiFi network you will be able to surf using the Internet connection of your mobile phone. And now comes the fun part. Connect to a VPN server with your mobile phone using for example the HideMyAss Android application. Connect to a VPN server, and now all the devices connected to the Hotspot on your mobile phone will be running with the same IP address as you have, meaning that if you get an IP address in Sweden using the VPN application, all the other devices will get a Swedish IP address as well. Smooth….

[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”This wasn’t completely true after all”]Most of the stuff written in this article is true, but if you connect your Android phone to a VPN service it will no longer work as a WiFi hotspot. This is simply something that is not working with Android phones, so… you can share your Internet connection easily using the Hotspot option, but it does not work for the purpose of sharing your VPN connection.[/stbpro]

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