In how many days will the World Cup 2014 start, and where can I watch it online?

The FIFA World Cup 2014 will start in 97 days and 8 hours by the time we are writing this article. That is a bit more than three months, and we together with millions of other people are waiting for this with great expectations and eagerness.

That is also why we have created a special website dedicated to the World Cup 2014, where you can find answer to questions such as how to watch the World Cup 2014 online. In addition you will find informatiom about every single arena used during the World Cup and you can read articles on the different group stage matches and also see different match schedules.

As you understand we are looking very much forward to this amazing event, and if you are curious about who will broadcast from the World Cup we have also written an article here in the IP Address Guide covering that topic.

On the dedicated World Cup site we also have a countdown showing days and hours remaining until the start of the FIFA World Cup, so if you want to follow this day by day, or simply wonder how many days are left before this great event, then visit


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