Watch Sochi 2014 Paralympics online!

Sochi Paralympics onlineIf you want to watch the Sochi Paralympics 2014 online, here are the ways in which that can be done easily.

First and foremost you need to get yourself a VPN subscription. Since there are many tools available we could recommend many, but the easiest and quickest to get started with is probably IPVanish. You should therefore first visit their website clicking the button and then sign up to their service, and then you can choose one of the following ways to watch the Paralympics 2014 online.IPVanish

Ways to watch the Paralympics 2014 online.

You now have your IPVanish subscription ready. Then you can do one of the following things.

Watch the Paralympics in Canada

Connect to a server in Canada with IPVanish and get a Canadian IP address. Once you have that you can visit CBC and watch the Paralympics there.

Link: CBC live streams

Watch the Paralympics in Norway

If you want to watch the Paralympics in Norway on the Norwegian TV channel NRK you can connect to the IPVanish server in Norway, and once you have done that you are ready to watch Paralympics in Norwegian.

Link: NRK live stream

Watch 2014 Paralympics on Channel4

Get yourself a UK IP address using IPVanish and visit the Channel 4 website to get the latest news from the Paralympics and see live coverage from all the most important events taking place during the Paralympics.

Link: Channel 4 Paralympic streams

Enjoy the Paralympics and do not forget that we will write similar articles on the World Cup 2014 in Brazil as well, so stay updated and do not only use your IPVanish subscription to watch the Paralympics, but use it to watch the World Cup 2014 as well in a couple of months from now!

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