A Naked review (2017 Netflix Original Movie)

It is always interesting to stream movies made entirely for and by a streaming platform. We all know that HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon create fantastic TV series, but can they make great movies as well?

It is quite easy to answer the movie question. Earlier this year Casey Affleck won an Oscar statue for his role in the movie Manchester by the Sea, an Amazon Original movie. They are for sure getting there, but we also need to say that a lot of the films made for the streaming platforms are low-budget movies. And, that is for sure true about Naked as well!

About Naked

Naked review 2017 Naked tells us the story about a teacher marrying a doctor. The guy (the teacher) is a man without vision, without goals and he has won the first price with his girlfriend who comes from a wealthy family, and she is well educated. But, everyone doesn’t appreciate the arrival of this young visionless guy into the household, and thus he has a hard time receiving acceptance from the brides family.

The last evening before the wedding the guy decides to grab a drink. The next thing he knows is when he wakes up in an elevator, completely naked, on the day of his wedding. Now he has to fix everything, get ready for the wedding, and make a good impression on the entire family. That ain’t easy, and whenever something goes wrong, he wakes up over and over again, naked in the same elevator.

The story is incredibly similar to the Groundhog Day story. The only problem with Naked is that we have seen it before. The same day starts over and over again, and the goal of the person suffering is to change so much that his future to be will “accept” him, and everything ends up perfectly.

What are our thoughts about Naked?

You have already read about the story of the movie. So what do we think about the movie? Is it worth streaming it on Netflix?

If you want to watch a comedy without famous actors and that will serve as a nice movie to watch with the family, then Naked might fit. It is family friendly, it has humor, and it is easy to watch. The movie isn’t that funny, so you will not lie on the floor laughing, but there are some funny moments you probably will enjoy along the way.

Naked is not a movie you will want to watch over and over again, but you might enjoy watching it once.

Go ahead, stream Naked on Netflix, and hopefully, you will have a good time doing so. If you have already streamed it, please spend one minute to share your thoughts about the movie as you write a comment beneath. We would love to hear your thoughts about Naked.


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