A The Saint review (Netflix 2017 movie)

Recently we have been watching some Netflix original movies, and it is quite interesting to check their quality. Our last article was on the Netflix original movie Naked, and now it is time to share our thoughts on another similar movie, The Saint.

The Saint on Netflix review

I hadn’t heard a word about The Saint before I accidently checked the list of movies coming to Netflix in August (or was it September?). I then checked the trailer of the movie, and based on it, I decided to give the movie a try. Naked was a movie I found to be okay, but not really worth the time, but The Saint was much better. It wasn’t a brilliant movie either, but as a low-budget action movie, it was absolutely great. In The Saint we meet Simon Templar, a master-thief, but he is good on the inside. He is what you would call a modern-day Robin Hood. While he is out stealing from the rich, another guy steals billions of dollars meant to help out poor people in a nation in Africa.

Simon Templar and his helper finds this to be an intriguing task and decides to get the money back to the right place. This leads them to a guy played by Roger Moore (whom we all know as James Bond). He helped the bad guys steal the money from the African country, but now he regrets, and wants to get the money back. That is, however, turning harder as his daughter is taken captive. He invites Simon Templar to help him bring his daughter back, but things get very complicated as they meet.

The Saint is worth streaming on Netflix

Even though The Saint is a low-budget movie it is still exciting and easy to watch. It lacks the big names, but who cares, it is still great entertainment. I would probably not give it more than 6/10 or 7/10 as a score, but based on the other original movies I have seen on Netflix recently, this is way better.

Have you seen The Saint on Netflix? Did you enjoy it?

In which Netflix regions can I stream The Saint?

Recently Beauty and the Beast was published on Netflix in the USA and in Canada. To stream the movie you will therefore need to change your Netflix region to Canadian or US Netflix. If you want to watch The Saint it is much easier. Based on our knowledge the movie is available in almost all Netflix regions, so just visit Netflix.com or open the Netflix application, and you will most likely be able to stream The Saint right away.


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