New Android app available for ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN on AndroidExpressVPN is among the most famous VPN providers on the market. Their blog is also among the best blogs belonging to a VPN provider on the market, being updated frequently with interesting articles. Just recently they posted an article presenting the newest version of their ExpressVPN application for Android users.

The new version of the Android application is version 6.0. This has a brand new design, making it look much more attractions and user friendly than earlier versions of the application.

They are very proud to have made it very easy to connect. Once you have started the ExpressVPN connection you only need to make one single click and you can find yourself connected to an ExpressVPN server right away. You will then automatically connect to one of the ExpressVPN servers worldwide.

Connect to a smart location

If you reside in Frankfurt in Germany you might know out of experience that it ain’t smart to connect to a VPN server in Australia or New Zealand. You will loose a lot of speed due to the big distance between you and the server, and if the server you connect to is heavily loaded it will get even worse. That is why ExpressVPN recommend so called “Smart locations” to you. Their smart locations are recommended based on load of servers and your present location. This is perfect if you simply want to secure your Internet connection and have it encrypted, and you do not really care about where the VPN server is actually located.

In addition you can as always choose freely between the VPN protocols available with ExpressVPN and the application is good at making sure that you will remain connected at all times, so that you will not suffer from suddenly disconnecting without you noticing.

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You can read more about ExpressVPN in our ExpressVPN review. To visit the ExpressVPN website you can simply click the button above.

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