New StrongVPN server in the Philippines

StrongVPN recently wrote a new blog post sharing the news about their new VPN server in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It might not be a big news, but it is still a good piece of news for those with an active StrongVPN subscription.

StrongVPN is a quite boring VPN provider, but they have gotten way more interesting in the recent year. What makes them interesting is that they have done quite a lot to fit into the market. They have upgraded their VPN clients, they have gotten new servers, and they are one of the best VPN providers for those who want to bypass geo-blocks.


ExpressVPN is the very best VPN provider for those who want to bypass Netflix geo-blocks, but in the second place, I would place StrongVPN. They have a bit cheaper packages than ExpressVPN, but they are not as big when it comes to the number of servers and the number of nations in which they have servers.

New StrongVPN server in the Philippines - Source: Pixabay
New StrongVPN server in the Philippines – Source: Pixabay

It is very important for every VPN provider to have VPN servers located all around the world. If you live in the Philippines, or maybe you are visiting it out of pure joy, it is not very convenient if you have to connect to a server in the USA to secure your connection. If you do that, it will slow down your Internet connection, and it will make you spend useful time waiting for sites to load and videos to start.

A new VPN server also comes with opportunities. Most websites blocking VPN providers do not know about the new servers yet, and thus a new server will work for bypassing geo-blocks in a much better way than old servers which have been blocked for a long time.

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Are you looking for a VPN subscription before school-start?

Many people will start a new school, or move to a new city to attend a university these days. We often buy lots of new books, a new bag to carry the books in, new pencils, a new tablet, a new laptop, and other accessories before such important happenings. But, it is important to secure your data as well, and for that, a VPN connection is what you need.

If you want to buy a VPN subscription, you should absolutely consider StrongVPN. They are ideal if you want an easy-to-use and quick VPN provider with servers in the most important nations worldwide.


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