NordPass vs. LastPass – Which is the Best Password Manager for you?

Have you finally decided to use a password manager? Have you read several articles warning you against using the same password for all websites? Is it time to leave the “one-password-for-all-sites” strategy and rather use different passwords for different websites? If the answer to that question is yes, you probably realize that it is impossible to remember all those passwords that you have to use and create. A password manager will help you solve that problem, but which should you choose? Which is the best, NordPass or LastPass?

You will quickly realize that both NordPass and LastPass are very easy to use. One of the big advantages of both providers is that you can easily import passwords stored in browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, meaning that already existing passwords can easily be copied to the new password manager (and then you can completely remove them from the browser afterward).

After you have imported your passwords, both LastPass and NordPass will quickly warn you about passwords used on multiple platforms. This might feel like a pain in the ass, but it is truly meant to help you.

reused password detected

In other words, it is easy to get started with both NordPass and LastPass. Which manager should you use?

NordPass vs. LastPass.

I have used both NordPass and LastPass for a while and I have got to say that they are very similar. If you plan on using the password manager on one device, you can easily survive with the free version of both NordPass and LastPass. This is actually quite awesome because you will have an excellent password manager that will protect you and your passwords on your device. But, the moment you want to use the password manager on several devices and on your mobile devices at the same time, you will most likely have to upgrade to the Premium version.

What is the price of NordPass and LastPass?

As I have already mentioned, you can use both of them for free. But, if you want access to the Premium features, you will have to pay more.

If you are the only user of the Password Manager, then the Premium version for a single user is cheaper with NordPass than with LastPass. If you, however, want a password manager for the entire family, allowing everyone to have their own account and store their passwords (and also share passwords with one another), you will suddenly discover that LastPass is a much cheaper solution than NordPass.

NordPass often have special deals running on their website as well, so make to check if they have any special deals available at the moment before you make your decision. At the time of writing, they have a special deal that will give you especially much value for your money if you purchase a 2-year subscription to NordPass.

nordpass pricing

Here you can also see an image showing the single-user prices for LastPass at the time of writing this article.

single user plans for lastpass pricing

What can you make of this information? NordPass is much cheaper if you purchase a long-term plan, but if you decide to pay monthly, it isn’t cheaper than LastPass anymore.

How will NordPass and LastPass help you?

The brilliant thing about a password manager is that it will remember your passwords instead of you. Not only will it remember your passwords, it will also suggest passwords of all kinds whenever you need to generate a new password. You can decide the parameters for a new password, whether you want it to be with just letters, with numbers and letters, with special symbols, and more such details. As a result, you can easily use passwords that will be almost impossible for hackers to hack. If one of your passwords will be discovered in a data breach, it will only be the password for that given site, and not give the hackers access to all your accounts (since you have the same password for all sites).

password leak

NordPass also has an additional feature that keeps track of data in different data breaches. As a result, you will receive a warning if one of your email addresses has been part of a data breach, and you will immediately be able to see which data has been leaked. You can see an example of that above.

Here you can also see a screenshot showing some of the warnings given by NordPass as I check the Password Health section of the application.

password health for nordpass

These are all useful tools that will help you and protect you online.

If something should happen to you…

One of the biggest fears people have is that something will happen to them and nobody will be able to access their passwords. That is not the case with NordPass and LastPass. Both applications come with options that will make your passwords available to selected individuals on different occasions.

How does this work? You might have friends or family members added to your family account. These people can request access to your account. If you do not reply to the request within a certain amount of time, it most likely means that something has happened to you, and they will be given access to your passwords after the end of the “waiting time.

You can also decide to share certain categories of passwords with your relatives as well by default.

There are several ways in which this can be used, but it should for sure protect you and your relatives in case something should happen to you.

These are just some thoughts about NordPass and LastPass. I will not tell you that one of them is better than the other. Personally, I like the design of NordPass more than LastPass, but I find that LastPass is better at noticing when I enter passwords than NordPass.

All in all, both are great and the decision is entirely up to you. The most important right now is to stay safe and to finally get started using a password manager instead of using poor options such as storing the passwords in your browser or using the same password for multiple sites.

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