Should LastPass users worry after the recent breach?

LastPass is one of the most used password managers in the world. Throughout the history of LastPass, there have been several breaches. The most recent might be the most worrisome. But what happened? And should LastPass users worry? When LastPass initially reported about the security breach, they claimed that no user data or encrypted passwords Read More

Has your password hash been leaked in a data breach? What does it mean?

In October 2020, it was revealed that the popular service Gravatar had been hacked, and the usernames and hashed email addresses were leaked. In May 2014, Bitly suffered from a data breach that caused the email addresses and hashed passwords of nearly 10 million users to be leaked. These are just some examples of data Read More

NordPass vs. LastPass – Which is the Best Password Manager for you?

Have you finally decided to use a password manager? Have you read several articles warning you against using the same password for all websites? Is it time to leave the “one-password-for-all-sites” strategy and rather use different passwords for different websites? If the answer to that question is yes, you probably realize that it is impossible Read More