Now you can stream Premier League on Sling TV

Sling TV has for a long time been among the top streaming services online, especially for those who want to cut their cords. Now they have made things even easier, and with a Sling TV Blue subscription you can now watch the best of Premier League online as well.

We wrote our little guide almost a year back telling how you can watch Sling TV online. Then we could not mention Premier League yet, because at that time there were no channel in the Sling TV system which broadcasted Premier League. But, that has recently changed and with NBCSN available in the Sling TV Blue Package you can now watch the most important Premier League matches online on Sling TV.

This will for sure bring thousands of new users to Sling TV, and we have already spoken with people and read the comments from fans around the globe who have gotten their Sling TV subscription for the sole purpose of streaming Premier League online.

watch premier league on sling tv
Get ready to watch Premier League on Sling TV (on the channel NBCSN)

We did not even know about it

It was quite by a coincidence that we bumped onto the fact that you can now watch Premier League on Sling TV. We saw a comment from a Norwegian guy we claimed to watch Premier League on Sling TV and later he also mentioned that he paid 5 USD extra in order to get access to Spanish La Liga online. We therefore visited Sling TV where we did not actually find that much information, but then on we found articles referring to NBCSN coming to Sling TV, resulting in Premier League football on Sling TV.

So, as we prepared for the 2016-2017 season of Premier League we did not even include Sling TV in our article. But, as we realized that Sling TV now includes a chance to watch Premier League were were quick to update our article, resulting in one more working method in which our readers can watch and stream Barclay’s Premier League online.


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