Now you can watch Spotlight on Netflix

Spotlight on Netflix on IP GuideDid you know that as of today you can win the film rewarded as the best film on the Academy Awards in 2016 on Netflix? Spotlight just turned available on US Netflix, and this is your chance to see it if you haven’t seen it yet!

We have already written an article telling you how to get access to US Netflix while abroad, so if you want to watch this film with your currently Netflix subscription but can not do so because you are somewhere else, then follow those instructions and you will be ready to watch US Netflix at once.

Spotlight is not the typical film that is packed with action and that has a high pace and easy to watch. It is a film with a story, it is a film hard to digest and that deals with a tough subject that you do not really want to watch and want to hear about. And maybe that is what makes it such a splendid film that you simply should watch and have a look at.

Get ready to watch Spotlight on Netflix and if you first get access to US Netflix then you can also watch films such as Minions which can also be found on US Netflix.

In a way we can compare watching Spotlight with paying a visit to Auschwitz while in Krakow. It is a program that you do not necessarily want to do and want to enjoy, and it isn’t really that enjoyable either, but it is a program that you need to get through to learn and to understand something about humanity, about human weakness and maybe about the weaknesses in ourselves? What do you think? Is Spotlight a film you should watch? Yes it is, and with Spotlight on Netflix you can watch it as well!

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