Can I use OverPlay with my Apple TV?

Are you considering using OverPlay for the purpose of streaming TV content on your Apple TV? Is it working? How can it be used?

If you have read our OverPlay review you probably now that it is a SmartDNS service that we like a lot and that they have good speeds and will help you out a lot if you want to stream content from different TV networks and in different nations frequently.

overplay and apple tv

But, how does OverPlay work with Apple TV? Is is easy to setup?

If you have an Apple TV you might now that it is very easy to setup any SmartDNS provider on your device. What you need to do is to write down the DNS server(s) of the SmartDNS provider you use like OverPlay. Then you will need to enter the settings on your Apple TV, go to Network, choose the network connection you work with and choose to manually configure your DNS settings.

There you will then add the IP address of the DNS server provided by OverPlay, and then you put your Apple TV to sleep, plug out the power cable for half a minute and then you can start it over and your Apple TV is ready to run with OverPlay.

How does OverPlay work on an Apple TV?

We have of course not tested everything in the entire world, but we have used OverPlay to stream content from NBC, from CBS, from, from SVT in Sweden, from NRK in Norway, from TV Player (an app which can be used to stream ITV and much more), BBC, ZDF, ViaPlay and also in a few instances it can be used to watch Netflix in other regions.

For the purpose of streaming the mentioned TV channels OverPlay worked great and we could watch it with high quality and enjoy our favorite shows from the TV stations easily. We were a bit afraid of the speeds, especially since we have had slow speeds using OverPlay VPN, but the SmartDNS is much quicker and thus we could watch these streams without any trouble.

When it comes to streaming Netflix on Apple TV it is harder, simply because OverPlay (and other SmartDNS providers normally do not work for changing Netflix regions anymore). We got it working on US Netflix, but that might not be a constant solution either, but for streaming all the other TV channels mentioned (and lots of others) OverPlay worked very well with Apple TV.


If you want to give it a try yourself then press the OverPlay button above. If you want to read more about OverPlay then you can of course also read the OverPlay SmartDNS review.

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