NOW TV with month pass for Sports enthusiasts

We have written quite a lot of articles on NOW TV recently, and one great news is the fact that they just introduced the brand new month passes for those who want to watch SKY Sports online.

NOW TV Sports Pass

In the start NOW TV only gave people the chance to buy either a day pass or a week pass for NOW TV Sports, but they now introduced the monthly pass which will save you some money and help you so that you do not have to renew and pay once every week for your ongoing subscription.

The price of the week pass is £9.99 for a month while the month pass will cost £31.99. Considering the fact that the Premier League start is just a few weeks away this is a great way to get prepared for the upcoming Premier League start and other cool sports events.

It is time to get ready and if you are a sport fanatic then you can of course sign up for a day pass for NOW TV, and as you try it and get addicted you change to the month pass at once! For more news and information about NOW TV, check out the following site.

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