Get 25% IPVanish discount on your IPVanish subscription

IPVanish summerIPVanish claims that Christmas has arrived already in July and August in 2015. The reason is that they are offering a 25% discount on all their packages. All you need to get this discount is to enter the following text in the discount coupon form as you sign up: “25JULY

This can be an ideal thing if you for example want to watch the Premier League online, because with Premier League starting in August you might want to watch it online, but if you want to watch it on Sky Sports in the UK the best way is of course to watch it on NOW TV, but for this to work you will need a UK UP address, and with that IPVanish can help you and make sure that you seem like a native Englishman to all websites all around the Internet.

In addition to servers in England IPVanish has servers in more than 50 other nations worldwide, and they have great speeds on their connections. We sometime find their Windows software to be a bit slow, but the speed on the VPN connections are working just fine. If you want to know more about IPVanish we recommend that you read our review which can be found here.

Go ahead and grab hold of the IPVanish discount as you type 25JULY as your discount code as you sign up. The value is of course best if you sign up for 12 months, because the discount is only valid for the first billing cycle of your membership.


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