Popular YouTube content in September 2019

We frequently post new tutorials and videos to our YouTube channel. Not all videos and instructions get a lot of attention, but we still believe they are important. And let us not forget, if we create a video that is seen by two persons, but those two persons actually find the information they were looking for, it was absolutely worth it!

What I will write about here might not be the most popular of all the videos on our YouTube channel, but I will mention some videos that for sure has gotten some attention and have been seen by quite a lot of people.

September 2019 means Rugby World Cup!

As you might know, September 2019 was the month in which the Rugby World Cup started. To help rugby-fans out, we created a video showing how to watch the Rugby World Cup online in a quite easy way using a VPN. This video became popular, and a few thousand people have already seen it. Hopefully, some of them have actually followed our instructions as well! If they have, they can now stream every single match from the Rugby World Cup online without stupid pop-ups, and without placing their devices at risk from spammy spyware sites claiming to have free streams, but instead, they take advantage of you.

Suits season 9 came to an end

One of the highlights in September 2019, was the end of the USA Network show named Suits. After nine seasons, the final episode aired on USA Network on September 17th. This means, we will no longer get new episodes of Suits, but if you haven’t seen the final season yet, you can watch all nine seasons on Netflix right now.

I had a great time watching Suits season 9 on Netflix, and even though there were some ups and downs in the story, I considered it to be a worthy and nice end to the story. If you are a big fan of the series, you can continue watching a similar show as you watch Pearson, another USA Network show working as a spin-off from Suits.

The brand new ITV show named Sanditon

Sanditon is the name of a brand new ITV show based on a novel by Jane Austen that she never managed to finish because of illness. The series is running on ITV right now, and that is why we created a video that shows you how to watch ITV outside the UK. How come? Well, if you want to stream Sanditon online, this is by far the best, and probably the only real TV network that currently broadcasts this show online.

Sanditon premiered on ITV in August 2019, and it has gotten quite a lot of attention and good reviews online. If you want a classical drama with nice costumes, Sanditon might be a great pick for the month of October.

What’s coming to Hulu?

Hulu is a popular streaming site for those in love with great TV series. In September, we created a short video presenting the best content and most interesting content that will come to Hulu in October. Unfortunately, October isn’t the best month on Hulu, so there isn’t a lot of great stuff coming to the platform, but our little clip turned popular no matter what.

There are only two shows featured in the video above, so if you want to get a feeling about what these are all about, check the little clip above!

Which YouTube clips will be popular in October 2019?

It is hard to predict currently, but considering the fact that Peaky Blinders season 5 will come to Netflix at the start of October makes this a central topic. The Blacklist season 7 will premiere on NBC which also has some potential, and the fact that the Rugby World Cup will keep on going in October makes this an important topic as well!

We will return at the start of November with more information about our YouTube channel in October! Until then, have a wonderful day and make sure to follow us on social media, on YouTube, and to place a bookmark here at www.ipaddressguide.org.

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