Protect yourself during the summer holiday!

Take care of yourself during the holidaysMany people speak about protecting their houses and properties during the holiday season. But, are you taking care of your privacy and private information during the holiday season?

What kind of private information are we speaking and writing about? The one that is to be found on your computer, on your laptop, on your tablet or on your mobile phone. In general it is protected, but in the moment you connect to an open wireless connection somewhere all your privacy suddenly turns public, at least to the people with some knowledge on how to hack and steal others people confidential information. In other words, connecting and using open and unencrypted wireless networks during the holiday season (and of course throughout the rest of the year) is like opening up your private life, and people with some skills can easily get a closer look at it.

[stextbox id=”update”]Many people are so happy when they find free wireless Internet around, so they connect to all unencrypted networks they see, hoping that free Internet is on the other side. That is however quite dangerous, and you might end up regretting your search for a total free solution for a long while afterwards.[/stextbox]

Secure your data during the holidays

Should we all stop enjoying and using free wireless Internet hotspots all around then? Not at all, but there are certain steps you can take that will make it impossible for hackers to steal your data, even though you use the free wireless network. The answer is a VPN, a Virtual Private Network. As you connect to a open wireless network your data is open and available to anyone. But, in the moment you connect to a VPN server all your traffic will be sent through a virtual tunnel to that server and it will all be encrypted. In that way none can steal your private data, and you can surf and send your emails freely and with peace of heart, knowing that you are safe and sound. A VPN subscription will cost you some money, but isnt your safety and privacy worth some dollars during the summer season?

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