False accusations against NordVPN

If your business is active in an area in which there is great competition, what is the best way to make your business shine? By throwing dirt at the others. At least this is the best method according to some. I do not agree with that, because the best way to make your business and Read More

A last chance to get a 3-year subscription to NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the leading VPN providers on the market. They have been running with a super-cheap 3-year subscription to their services for a while, but now they are about to end the offer. Most VPN providers operate with 1-month subscriptions, 3-month subscriptions, 6-month subscriptions and 12-month subscription. But, NordVPN wanted to give their Read More

Our Internet security dictionary is up and running

We have been planning this for a while, but today we finally got to publish our Internet security dictionary. It is still only in the very beginning, but if you want to know more about phishing, rootkit, spamware, malware and similar Internet security related words, visit our dictionary right away. There are so many words Read More

How to secure my website?

Some people may be surprised to find this article here in the IP Address Guide, but after all the guide is about all sorts of security, and we believe that this is information that can turn really useful to our readers out there. The article is focusing on securing WordPress websites, and how to make Read More

Protect yourself during the summer holiday!

Many people speak about protecting their houses and properties during the holiday season. But, are you taking care of your privacy and private information during the holiday season? What kind of private information are we speaking and writing about? The one that is to be found on your computer, on your laptop, on your tablet Read More