AVG Internet Security messed with my VPN. To fix the problem, I had to turn off the Fake Website Shield.

I have earlier written lots of articles about VPN services. I know a lot about which VPN to use to access Netflix and other streaming services. But, sometimes I face strange problems. For example, I know that Surfshark gives access to Hulu, but even though I am connected to a server in the United States, Read More

Has your password hash been leaked in a data breach? What does it mean?

In October 2020, it was revealed that the popular service Gravatar had been hacked, and the usernames and hashed email addresses were leaked. In May 2014, Bitly suffered from a data breach that caused the email addresses and hashed passwords of nearly 10 million users to be leaked. These are just some examples of data Read More

How to stop Firefox from asking about whether to save passwords or not?

Are you using Firefox as your web browser? Are you annoyed that Firefox keeps asking you all the time whether it should save all your passwords or not? Is there a way to disable the function in order for Firefox not to offer such opportunities whenever you log in to different websites and applications? I Read More

Is a VPN recommended to people working with cryptocurrencies? Does it improve security?

Recently I have read several articles telling me that VPN services are not at all as necessary and useful as they were before. And the interesting fact is that the more such articles I read, the more Google recommends such articles. As a result, I feel like I am bombarded with articles telling me that Read More