Best VPN blogs

Would you like to know more about VPN’s? Want to stay up to date on Internet security? Lots of VPN providers have blogs, but which are the best VPN blogs out there?

Here in the IP Address Guide we follow the blogs of lots of VPN providers. As a result we stay up to date on what’s happening with their products, but we also learn a lot by reading their articles. Unfortunately not all VPN providers create good blogs however. What is the point in having a blog if it is never updated? What is the point in having a blog if the only updates come every third month and then it is about a server upgrade or maybe a couple of new servers added? We are tired of bad VPN blogs, and that is why we have decided to publish this article in which we will give praise to the VPN blogs we like the most.

What we expect from a VPN blog?

  • A good and interesting blog should be frequently updated (at least weekly),
  • It should contain information about the VPN provider and their own product (upgrades, new servers added etc).
  • It should contain general information about Internet security and Internet security related news.
  • A great VPN blog should help the user get their hands on the best security tools and most useful tools on the market.
  • Every nice blog should contain nice looking graphics and illustrations.

These are some of the requirements we had as we considered the different VPN blogs on the market. Now it is time to publish the list.

The IP Address Guide gives you the best VPN blogs on the Internet

The third best VPN blog on the market

Bronze Medal: Private Internet Access

They have a blog that is updated at least weekly, but often twice or three times a week. Their blog has lots of news related posts, meaning that it will help you stay up to date on security and surveillance issues all around the globe, while you also get news about the services provided by PIA. A negative with the blog is the design itself of both the blog and the website. But, if you want pure information, this is a VPN blog that should serve you well.

Silver Medal: NordVPN

We have a hard time deciding which blog would get the silver and the gold medal, but in the end we decided to give NordVPN the silver medal (which just as well could have been the gold medal). The NordVPN blog is updated several days a week, and their blog is a sweet mixture of NordVPN related news and other interesting articles. Recently they published articles on Tinder scams, a guide on sending anonymous emails and “8 tips to boost your VPN speed.” These are great and useful articles, and they are not afraid to recommend products from other companies if they find them to be useful. We also enjoy the design of the NordVPN blog and they should also get a kudo for their nice looking illustrations!

If you want to know more about NordVPN, take a look at our NordVPN review.

Gold medal: ExpressVPN blog

The ExpressVPN blog has a look more like a pro magazine than a typical blog. Here you can find lots of articles on all kinds of subjects, and it is updated at lest 3-4 times a week. There you can find the most popular posts, blog articles on certain subjects or simply read the latest additions. The posts are a mixture of VPN news, articles with advises on how to behave on the Internet, updates on the ExpressVPN clients and their VPN services and quite a lot of other subjects.

Congratulations to ExpressVPN on their victory!

If you want to know more about ExpressVPN, read through our ExpressVPN review.

What about the other VPN blogs?

We are constantly reading through the blogs of other VPN providers such as PureVPN, HideMyAss, StrongVPN, IPVanish, Cactus VPN, HideIP VPN, HotSpot Shield and even some more providers. Some of these were close at getting a spot among the top three, while others were as far away from a place at the podium as possible.

Nothing lasts forever, so maybe we will update this article in the near future and by then things will change. Do you have suggestions for other great VPN blogs on the Internet that we should follow? Do you agree with they way we gave out the trophies? Write a comment to share your thoughts!