Reddit block in India – What to do?

We have just heard some rumors about Jio Giga Fiber blocking access to Reddit in India. We haven’t had it confirmed yet, but if that is so, it is a stupid move and hindering people from having access to one of the most interesting websites online. But, if you are in India and suffering because of the company hindering their customers from accessing Reddit, what can you do?

If this is actually happening, it wouldn’t be the first time in history that ISP’s and similar companies hinder their customers from having access to certain streaming sites. Sometimes the blocks are made by the ISP, while other times social media sites are ordered to be blocked by the government in certain nations. There has earlier been examples in the history of India on a 6-month block of Facebook, and there has also been shorter blocks of the social media site Facebook in the previous years.

Is there a Reddit block going on in India?
Is there a Reddit block going on in India?

Luckily, India isn’t the worst nation when it comes to blocking material. But, not far from India you will find the nation of China, and there things are very different. According to Wikipedia, currently Gmail, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Blogspot, Pinterest, Vimeo, and lots of other websites are blocked in China. And, let me not forget to mention that Reddit is also blocked in China.

What can you do to bypass governmental or ISP blocks on sociel media sites?

Are you suffering from the current Reddit ban in India? Or are you suffering from some other social media site that is blocked by the government in the country you are in? The solution is to use a solid and good VPN provider, and for the purpose, I can warmly recommend using the VPN services of NordVPN.

NordVPN has a solid 30-day full refund policy, and you can use the same connection on 6 different devices. You can, therefore, share the account with some of your friends, making sure that you all can bypass such blocks in India and enjoy the Reddit content and remain an active Redditer without trouble.

Is the Reddit block really happening in India?

The information hasn’t been confirmed, but there have been lots of reports from people suffering from the ban in itself. You can read more about it in the following Reddit. There are, however, if you read the posts in that Reddit, examples of people using Jio Giga Fiber who can use Reddit without any trouble, while others say that it is unavailable. We will do our uttermost to follow this case as it develops.

The Internet Freedom Foundation has also joined the discussion on Reddit, making sure to pay attention to what’s going on, and to take steps against those in charge of the ban (if there actually is one).

If you have any further information about a potential Reddit ban in India, please write a comment and let us know what’s going on and share your insight information with us.

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