Shaft is on Netflix

Last week as I visited, I was greeted by a big Shaft picture and Samuel L. Jackson. Well, Netflix didn’t need to invite me twice to get started, so without knowing what to expect, I got started watching the Netflix original movie named Shaft.

To my great surprise, this wasn’t the first time a Shaft movie was produced. In fact, the original Shaft movie was released back in 1971, then followed by another Shaft movie in year 2000, and now in 2019, a brand new Shaft movie was released by Netflix. Things might have changed a lot throughout the years, but with Samuel L. Jackson in the role as Shaft in the movie from year 2000, it might feel safe and good to have him back in the role again in this movie.

I am not really sure about it, but just like Adam Sandler seems to have some sort of contract with Netflix about producing content for the platform, Samuel L. Jackson also seems to be very busy producing Netflix original material. Only a few months ago, the movie The Unicorn Store was released, and now he has returned with Shaft as well. But, I am really glad Samuel L. Jackson is in the movie named Shaft from 2019 because without him, this would be a boring movie.

Since Shaft is a Netflix original production it can be streamed on Netflix worldwide. If you want more information on how to change your Netflix region in order to access Netflix limited content (only available in certain regions), check the following article to learn about the best VPN’s for Netflix.

What is Shaft all about

John Shaft Jr. is working for the FBI and normally sits in his chair helping out from there. But, when his best friends commit suicide (or gets murdered), he wants to find out what really happened. This leads him to his father whom he hasn’t really met ever before (as his mother sent him away during his childhood because of all the killings and violence that happened around him). His only memories of his dad are the interesting Christmas presents he sends him every year.

Cheers - Shaft is now on Netflix
Cheers – Shaft is now on Netflix

But, when son and father go together to catch the bad guys and discover what happened, action is nearby and they are about to discover that the son has more in common with his dad than one would expect.

Should I watch Shaft on Netflix?

As I did a quick search for Samuel L. Jackson, I was immediately shown the brand new Shaft movie from 2019, the Shaft movie from 2000, and then The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Now, I haven’t seen the Shaft movie from year 2000, but I can say that the movie from 2019 is saved by Samuel L. Jackson. He has such a great humor, he is a fantastic actor, and his mouth is shooting words (and a lot of swearing) faster than some of the guns in the movie. This is Samuel L. Jackson as we know him, and he is carrying the movie on his shoulders. Without him, this would have been boring.

But, why watch Shaft which is an average movie, when you can watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard instead? In the latter movie you meet Samuel L. Jackson again (in the same mood), but next to him you also meet Ryan Reynolds who does a fantastic job together with Salma Hayek. In other words, a much better line-up of actors, and way funnier.

If you liked The Hitman’s Bodyguard, you might like Shaft as well. And if you liked Shaft, you will for sure enjoy The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Currently the Shaft 2019 movie has a 6,4/10 score on IMDb, while the Shaft movie from year 2000 has a 5,9/10 score. The original movie from 1971 has a 6,6/10 score.

So, make up your mind. But, if you decide to actually stream Shaft on Netflix, make sure to write a comment here afterward and to share your thoughts!

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