Dual Shock vs. Aim Controller in Firewall Zero Hour

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Firewall Zero Hour just got way better after some recent updates and patches. In that article, I also said that I was still playing Firewall Zero Hour with my Dual Shock controller while waiting for my Aim Controller to arrive. Well, the Aim Controller has arrived, and I am now ready to share my thoughts about the pros and cons of both.

If you didn’t know it yet, Firewall Zero Hour is in itself a good enough reason to buy the Playstation VR kit. I thought I’d be playing car games all day along with the VR kit, but I was wrong. I have tested several car games and motor games, I have played some other games as well… but in the very end, it all returns to Firewall Zero Hour.

Firewall Zero Hour is an intense game in which you fight the enemy (either AI opponents or real human beings). The AI opponents have gotten way better after the recent updates, and the human beings are also getting better after months and months of training. I have often played before going to bed in the evening, but the only problem is that the pulse starts beating faster, and after an hour of Firewall Zero Hour, it is getting very hard to quickly jump into bed and fall asleep. Well, enough about that… what’s up with the controllers?

Do you need the Aim Controller to enjoy Firewall Zero Hour, or can it be enjoyed without the controller as well?
Do you need the Aim Controller to enjoy Firewall Zero Hour, or can it be enjoyed without the controller as well?

Dual Shock vs Aim Controller in Firewall Zero Hour

Let me first tell you, there is not really a battle. If you have an Aim Controller, you will for sure want to use it as it is way better and you have so much more freedom and it is easier to work with. At the same time, the Dual Shock controller (the standard Playstation controller) is working surprisingly well with the game, meaning that you can enjoy all functions and actually have a very good time playing with this as well. In other words, you do not NEED an Aim controller to play Firewall Zero Hour, so buy the game even if you do not have one. I played without an Aim Controller for months and still had a great time.

But, then it was time for the Aim Controller. It took some minutes to get used to to Aim Controller and the location of all the buttons at it (if you have never used it before and only used a Dual Shock controller). But, you will quickly get used to it, and that is when you will enjoy the game even more.

Have you ever seen people stretching out their gun and shooting beside the wall, without really walking out the door? That is a move that is way easier to do if you have the Aim Controller. It can be done with the Dual Shock as well, but it is much complicated to hold it correctly. It is also the feeling of actually holding something that looks and feels like a gun. I have found it to be easier to target and hit people.

I have never been to war, and I hope I will never ever have to carry a real weapon. But, what I can say for sure is that the Aim Controller is heavier to hold than the Dual Shock. After an hour of playing, you might actually feel it in your arm that you have been standing/sitting with outstretched arms for a while, just like you would with a real gun. Now, it is probably good to stretch and to use some muscles while playing, but my experience tells me that it is a bit “heavier” work to hold the Aim Controller than the Dual Shock. But, it feels more authentic, and thus, I love it no matter what!

Want to buy an Aim Controller yourself?

If you want to buy an Aim Controller, feel free to use one of the following links to buy it the Amazon store in the UK or in Germany.

I have not regretted purchasing the VR kit, nor the Aim Controller. But, once again – you can also play Firewall Zero Hour with the basic Playstation controller and have a great time.

What are you using as you play Firewall Zero Hour? Have you bought the Aim Controller? Have you tried playing Firewall Zero Hour with the Dual Shock controller? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments!

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