StrongVPN just got way better!

StrongVPN has for a long time been the best VPN provider on the market if you want to access different Netflix regions. But, they have had lousy clients and a terrible website. Luckily, they just improved a lot!

StrongVPN has been around for a long time, and the same was true about their VPN client for Windows (and the other platforms). To be honest, they looked like they were from the stone age, and using them felt complicated and not cool. While their competitors had nice long, smooth, clients, StrongVPN had one that would have fit nicely as a part of Windows 3.1. But, I guess the crew behind StrongVPN also realized this, and after some beta testing their new client for the different platforms has been released. They have also published a new website, and with these changes in place, we do love the product.

StrongVPN website

Above you can see a screenshot presenting the brand new StrongVPN website. It is easy to grasp, the colors are nice, and it has a professional look. Once you sign up you can download the Windows client (or a client to the platform you decide to use), and once you are connected to a server, it will look something like this.

Strong VPN client for Windows
Strong VPN client for Windows

Using StrongVPN for streaming

Some people use VPN to secure their data online, but lots of people use StrongVPN to unblock streaming sites. The most popular streaming site of them all is Netflix, and as I prepared to write this article I decided to give StrongVPN a try. I have read that you can use StrongVPN to get access to US, Canadian; UK, Dutch and German Netflix. And no, you do not need any extra Netflix subscription for this to happen, all you need is your current Netflix subscription and a StrongVPN subscription. So, I downloaded the client and connected to servers in the mentioned nations, and guess what happened?

I am watching Bridge of Spies on UK Netflix
I am watching Bridge of Spies on UK Netflix
I am watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on American Netflix
I am watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on American Netflix
I am watching The Hitman's Bodyguard on Canadian Netflix
I am watching The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Canadian Netflix

And, I also did watch content on Dutch and German Netflix, but I forgot to make the screenshots. But, it was true… you can use StrongVPN to access all those mentioned Netflix regions.

Will you give StrongVPN a try as well? One other major improvement is that they have changed their refund policy. Earlier this policy was only available for 7 days, but with their new product, they now have a 30-day full refund policy!


Visit the website by clicking the button above. If you want to know more about StrongVPN, read our StrongVPN review.

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