Sweatcoin vs STEPN – Which is the best?

Have you heard about Sweatcoin and STEPN? Which platform should you use? Is one of the platforms better than the other one? Which is the easiest to use? Which will give you the biggest profit? Which one requires the biggest investment in order to be used? In this article, I will give you some basic information about the two platforms, which again will make it easier for you to see the differences and thus find out which of the two platforms might suit you the most.

Both Sweatcoin and STEPN are projects that have turned very popular because of the move-to-earn trend that is so strong right now. It is all about incentivizing users to move their bodies, something that is profitable for them and their health, but now also rewarding through cryptocurrencies. But, how do the two applications work? Which is the best? Let us compare the two platforms!

stepn vs sweatcoin

Sweatcoin vs STEPN: Getting started

You will find the Sweatcoin and the STEPN applications in Google Play Store and in Apple Store. You can download them for free. But, you will quickly notice one big difference. You can immediately create a Sweatcoin account and use the application, but with STEPN, you will need to get an activation code in addition. And this might be surprising, but getting such an activation code can be really hard. A couple of thousands of activation codes are handed out on Discord and Telegram every day, but they can be harder to get than most people would expect.

Many people are waiting for days before they get their hands on a STEPN activation code, so this is actually a little nightmare for new users wanting to board the STEPN platform.

In other words, it is much easier to get started with Sweatcoin and actually use the platform.

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Sweatcoin/STEPN installed and active: What now?

You have installed Sweatcoin and/or STEPN and you have gotten your STEPN activation code, meaning that you are ready to use both the platforms. What now?

With Sweatcoin you can already start to move your body and every single step you take is counted and will generate SWC tokens for you. The SWC tokens are not worth anything at the moment, but once the project will launch on the NEAR blockchain during the summer of 2022, all SWC tokens will turn into SWEAT tokens which will have a real Dollar value and that can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or for Dollar or Euro.

Sweatcoin summary: In other words, you do not need to invest anything to use Sweatcoin, but whatever you generate with the platform might end up not being worth a thing, but it might also turn out to be worth a lot. This is something we will first find out after the platform launch later this summer.

STEPN is installed and activated. Well, you can start to move your body, but you will then move in what is called moonwalking status. This means that it measures your movements (maybe), but you will not earn anything at all. Why is that? In order to earn with STEPN you need to purchase at least one NFT (sneaker). Once you have a shoe you can start to move and you will immediately start to earn GST tokens that have a real value and that can be traded for other currencies easily.

But, in order to buy a sneaker, you need to create a wallet within the application, you need to take very good care of your private key (if anyone else gets access to this they can steal all your funds and sneakers). When this is done, you have to transfer actual SOL tokens to your wallet which later can be used to buy the sneakers. All in all, this might feel very overwhelming, at least if you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Once again, it isn’t hard at all, especially not if you follow the instructions in our STEPN beginners guide.

But, how much does a STEPN sneaker actually cost? Currently, the floor is around 13 SOL, which is equivalent to $1100. In other words, you need to invest at least this amount in order to actually move and earn with STEPN.

STEPN summary: You need to create a Solana wallet within the application, you need to transfer SOL tokens to your wallet (that you have bought somewhere else), and then you need to spend at least $1100 to buy your first pair of NFT sneakers.

Actually earning with STEPN and Sweatcoin

You don’t have to spend anything to use Sweatcoin, but you have no clue if the SWC tokens that you are earning will ever be worth anything at all. In other words, no investment, and no promise of gains. You might be lucky, but you might also end up not earning anything. Of course, you have invested in your health, but it might not become visible in your wallet. This is like betting… we might end up being lucky, but it might also end up otherwise.

You have invested $1200 and spent quite a lot of time with STEPN getting things in order. Now you are ready to use it. How much can you earn? If you own one sneaker you will generate something called 2 Energy per day, equaling 10 minutes of paid movement. This is a quite complex system, but in order to get more Energy, you need to own more sneakers (if you own 3 sneakers you will have a daily Energy cap of 4 equal to 20 minutes of movement, and should you have 9 sneakers you will get 9 Energy per day, giving you 45 minutes of paid movement).

But, let us return to our one sneaker and 10 minutes of paid movement per day. Each sneaker has different attributes and different categories. If you buy a runner sneaker (made for those who use it for running with speeds between 8km/hr and 20km/hr), then you can expect to earn something between 8 and 10 GST per run you make. Currently, the price of GST is $5, meaning that it is worth somewhere between $40 and $50.

how much will I earn with swaetcoin and stepn

Whenever you use the sneaker it is worn out and needs repair, meaning that you will most likely spend approximately 10% of your income immediately on repairing the sneaker. Still, you have earned real tokens with real value with your movement and you can immediately sell them, trade them, or use them to level up your sneaker, buy new sneakers, or do other cool stuff within the application.

It is important to understand that the NFT sneaker you bought is yours and you can sell it whenever you want to. As a result, you do not throw away money buying the sneaker, but it is an investment that you make and it can be sold whenever you want to stop using STEPN or maybe buy a different sneaker instead.

Earnings wrap-up: You might be in luck with Sweatcoin, but you have no guarantee of income generated. With your $1200 STEPN investment, you can potentially earn $40-$50 per day, and the initial investment (NFT) can be sold at any time if you decide to leave the platform. If you decide to invest more (and buy more STEPN sneakers), you can earn much more as well.

STEPN vs Sweatcoin: Walking, Running, Treadmill.

There are quite a lot of differences in the way Sweatcoin and STEPN operate.

  • STEPN requires access to the step-counter of your phone, and also your GPS location.
  • Sweatcoin requires access to the step-counter of your phone and will run constantly in the background. Sweatcoin DOES NOT require access to your location.

Based on this, you can already understand one of the big differences between the two applications.

STEPN requires you to move outdoors and it is constantly comparing your location with the number of steps you make. You need to make actual steps outside for this to function.

Sweatcoin only cares about the number of steps you make, meaning that they can be made within a shopping mall, on a treadmill, and even on an elliptical trainer. Of course, you can use Sweatcoin outside as well, but since it doesn’t bother about your location, it is not required for your steps to be made out in the free.

STEPN vs Sweatcoin conclusion

I hope you have read through the entire article. If you have, you probably know which platform suits you the best at the moment. But, let me also share a little thing with you… it is possible to run both STEPN and Sweatcoin on the same phone simultaneously. You don’t have to pick one or the other.

But, if you have to choose, this is what sums it up in the easiest possible way.

  • Sweatcoin is super-easy to use and you can get started within a few minutes. You do not need to make an initial investment and you can earn SWC immediately. The only question is whether or not SWC (which will turn to SWEAT later this summer) will ever be worth anything.
  • STEPN is more time-consuming and requires a certain level of knowledge about cryptocurrencies. You also need to spend at least $1200 as an initial investment to buy a STEPN sneaker (NFT). When this is done, you have the potential to earn $40-$50 per day (paid in GST tokens) with this single sneaker (and 10 minutes of movement per day). If you decide to invest more, you can also earn way more.

As you can see above, Sweatcoin is easy to use but has no guarantee of income. STEPN is expensive and requires basic skills in dealing with cryptocurrencies. As a result, STEPN might feel overwhelming, but if you first learn how to use it and get some experience, it is really smooth.

Do you just want to move and have fun with no risk? Choose Sweatcoin!

Do you want to have fun, take a big risk, and maybe end up with a really nice profit while exercising? Go for STEPN.

These are some thoughts on the two platforms and their possibilities. What are your thoughts on the topic? Which one do you prefer? Are you using any of them? Are you satisfied? I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions!

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