Can I watch Kijk online outside the Netherlands?

I would like to watch a program on the Dutch streaming service named Kijk online, but whenever I try to watch content on the platform, I see an error message that says: “Helaas kan de video niet worden afgespeeld. Mogelijk is deze niet meer beschikbaar, wordt de browser niet ondersteund of kijk je vanuit het Read More

How to test the Disney+ preview in the Netherlands abroad? Do I need a VPN? Are there VPN’s working with Disney+?

Disney+ launched a preview of their service the people in the Netherlands on September 12th. This is a great deal for the people of the Netherlands, and something that makes the rest of us quite envious. But, is there a way to get access to Disney+ in the Netherlands? Can it be accessed with a Read More

How can I watch Sweden vs the Netherlands online?

On July 3rd, Sweden will play the semi-final in the Football World Cup against the Netherlands. It is incredible that the Swedish ladies have made it this far, but can they make it all the way to the final? The Netherlands was considered one of the big outsiders before the tournament, and here they are, Read More