The Amazon Fire TV Stick has just arrived

A while back we published quite a lot of articles about the Google Chromecast and special questions dealing with using this together with a VPN connection or a proxy connection and so on. Another tool quite similar to the Google Chromecast is the Amazon Fire TV Stick and it has just arrived to our office, so now we are ready to try it.

The Amazon Fire T V Stick is Amazon’s answer to the Google Chromecast. They are in the same price category (the Fire Stick costs 4 USD more officially), but the Fire TV Stick is much more powerful, has some more functions and what we are happy about is that they the Fire TV Stick comes with a small remote, something which will come as a great advantage when you want to watch films on Netflix etc, meaning that you will not have to run around with your mobile phone all the time to cast the information to the TV screen.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

So in the coming weeks you can expect quite a lot of articles to be published dealing with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and then especially topics such as how to use such a TV stick abroad, how to enjoy your Amazon Prime account and a Fire TV Stick when outside the United States and also questions such as can I use my German Fire TV Stick in the United States, my US Fire TV Stick in Germany and so much more.

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