The best VPN for watching The Mandalorian online!

The Mandalorian is a fantastic TV series created by Disney for its streaming service Disney+. But, how and where can you watch The Mandalorian online? Which is the best VPN if you want to stream The Mandalorian on Disney+? Here I will share my own thoughts about The Mandalorian, but before I write my review, let me tell you how you can watch The Mandalorian online on Disney+ using a VPN!

Disney+ launched in three countries on November 12th in 2019 (Canada, the Netherlands and in the United States), and it was introduced in New Zealand and in Australia one week later. People already love the streaming portal, and the most important attraction is the Star Wars series named The Mandalorian. It is created by Jon Favreau, and people are amazed by the job he has done. It feels like a 100% authentic Star Wars series, and I have got to say that I also enjoy it a lot.

Where can I watch The Mandalorian online?
The Mandalorian is fighting a big monster

How to watch The Mandalorian on Disney+ using a VPN

Is Disney+ the only option if you want to watch The Mandalorian online? Unfortunately, yes! You might be able to download it from Torrent sites and other illegal sites, but that isn’t the real thing. And to be honest, Disney deserves the money they get as you watch it on Disney+, after all, this is absolutely worth the money.

In order to watch The Mandalorian on Disney +, you will need the following things:

  • You will need a Disney+ subscription.
  • You will need a VPN that works with Disney+.

To get a Disney+ subscription, you will need to use a VPN first that works with Disney+. Which VPN providers work with Disney+ at the moment? Here you can see three VPN providers that will help you stream Disney+ online.

ExpressVPN – the most expensive
ExpressVPN is the most expensive of the three VPN providers, but it is also the fastest, and you can use one subscription at five devices at the same time. Not only do they help you unblock DIsneyPlus, you can also use ExpressVPN with hundreds of other streaming services and TV networks worldwide. They have a 30-day refund policy and they have a strict no-logging policy.
ExpressVPN49% discount - 3 free months
Not all the ExpressVPN servers in the United States work with DisneyPlus, but if the one you try doesn’t work, connect to another. You can also contact the live support of ExpressVPN at their website which is available all day around.

PureVPN – the cheapest solution
PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider that operates with lower prices than ExpressVPN. They might not have as fast servers, but it should still be more than enough if you want to stream Disney+ using a VPN, or maybe watch BBC in the UK, or get access to American Netflix or something else. You can use one subscription at five devices simultaneously, and they have a 31-day full refund policy.
PureVPNwith 31-day full refund
PureVPN has beautiful applications available for all devices, and can easily be used to bypass geoblocks and to watch content safely while enjoying their 256-bit AES encryption.

NordVPN – A Panama solution
NordVPN is a famous VPN provider and one of the most popular VPN services out there. They work very well with Netflix in 6-7 nations, and they are a proud sponsor of Liverpool FC. They have a strict no-logging policy, and they have beautiful applications for Windows, Android, iOS, Macintosh, Android TVs, Fire TVs, and more. One subscription can be used on 6 devices, and they also have a 30-day full refund policy.
NordVPN75% discount - 30-day full refund
NordVPN is cheaper than ExpressVPN, especially if you buy a subscription valid for 1 year, 2 years or for 3 years.

the best VPN services for Disney Plus
The Mandalorian keeps coming to this guy for new bounty-hunter missions!

Once you have a VPN subscription – Get ready to stream The Mandalorian

When you have bought the VPN subscription, connect to a server in the United States using your selected VPN provider. You will then be able to sign up and purchase a Disney+ VPN subscription. An American payment card is needed for this to work (or an American PayPal account). If you cannot get any such card, follow the instructions in this article to buy a gift card that will help you pay for the service.

Once you have paid for the service, login to your Disney+ account and start streaming The Mandalorian online! I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Do not forget, there is a 7-day free trial on Disney+, so you can easily test this using a VPN without having to pay anything (if you cancel within 7 days with the VPN provider and with Disney+).

My thoughts on The Mandalorian

I am not a Star Wars freak, and I didn’t even look very much forward to the arrival of The Mandalorian. By the time I am writing this article, I have seen the three first episodes of the series and I look forward to watching the fourth episode tomorrow. Why do I look forward to the upcoming episode? The reason is simple – The Mandalorian is way better than I thought!

Jon Favreau has managed to re-create a fantastic Star Wars universe, and the characters and everything just breathe the atmosphere we all know from the movies. But, what I am really surprised by s the actual story in The Mandalorian. They have managed to create a story that makes me want to know what will happen next and it is also great to see The Mandalorian as his character develops and we get to see and understand more about his personality.

If you don’t know anything about The Mandalorian yet, you might want to skip the next part of the article, because I will share some insight in the story itself and it might spoil the fun for you!

The Mandalorian flies around in this ship
The ship used by The Mandalorian to fly around.

The Mandalorian – about the story

The Mandalorian is a bounty hunter who finds people and gets paid for it. He seems to be a quite cynical person at the start, but as the story develops, he seems to have some feelings and a sense of righteousness. He is played by Pedro Pascal, a person some might remember from Game of Thrones, from The Mentalist, from Graceland, from Narcos, and also from the latest movie in the Kingsman series. But, most people could have played the role, after all, none has seen the face of Pedro Pascal after the first three episodes. As he is always wearing a mask, this is a role anyone could do. At least, so it is easy to think!

In the first episode, The Mandalorian gets the task of bringing out a person for a very big bounty. He has no clue about the actual person, but at the end of the first episode, we see this creature… a baby Yoda. It isn’t Yoda, but it is a creation of the same kind, and in the second episode we even see that it is capable of using a power similar to that of Yoda. But, The Mandalorian is in it for the bounty, so he delivers the baby back for his reward. However, it doesn’t feel right to do so, and this leads to a conflict on his inside, which leads to actions he wouldn’t have expected.

All of this takes place in a Star Wars universe, and I believe this is a great action-series, not only for hard-core Star Wars fans but for most other people as well. The fact that The Mandalorian shows feelings will also make him sympathetic to the female audience, and the action with laser guns will give the boys a treat.

The Mandalorian has surprised me, and I am now a fan of this series and look forward to all the upcoming episodes.

The Mandalorian season 1

The first season of The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ on November 12th. The second episode was released three days later, on November 15th. After that, a new episode is brought to us weekly, until the final episode is released on December 27th. All in all, the first season of The Mandalorian consists of 8 episodes.

A second season will show up later, but we don’t know anything about its release yet.

Are you ready to watch The Mandalorian online?

I have tried to give you all the information you need to stream The Mandalorian online. You have the names of three VPN providers that will give you access to Disney+, and I have given you information on how to pay for your DIisneyPlus subscription (if you haven’t got a subscription yet).

Should you still have questions or need some help, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out. If you simply want to share your thoughts about The Mandalorian, write a comment (I would love to hear your thoughts)!

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