Facebook and Disney to challenge Netflix

In the last days, the blood pressure of Netflix leaders may have increased a bit. First Disney announced that they would cancel their cooperation with Netflix from 2019, and the second is the arrival of Facebook Watch. At the moment you can stream lots of Disney movies on Netflix in different Netflix regions all across Read More

Best content on US Netflix right now!

Did you know that you can easily get access to US Netflix all across the world? Here are some movie suggestions for those who want to stream content on the biggest of all Netflix libraries in the world in the coming months. The fact that US Netflix give you access to the largest amount of Read More

Now you can watch Finding Dory on Netflix

US Netflix is often stuck behind when it comes to blockbusters and great movies, but in February 2017 they changed this. US Netflix was the first Netflix region in which Finding Dory turned available, and you can go ahead and watch it right away if you feel like! Finding Dory is the follow up story Read More